Allow inserted links to open in new window

It is a best practice when linking to any site other than your own, to make it open in  a new window so as not to lose the reader. Since this is an email cms, that seems like it would have automatically have been the design.


I avoid inserting any links that aren't absolutely necessary because I don't want to lose email readers.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @RunCoachDeb thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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I agree this is a definite issue. Even this editor has that capability when inserting links.


I strongly agree, it is very important to have a separate window open when a link is clicked on, so the reader is able to get back to the newsletter to complete reading it. Even I accidently close out the document when reviewing the test email. Thank you for considering it.

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