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Another swing and a miss

Another swing and a miss

ONCE AGAIN, CC rolls out ill-advised changes for change's sake. The "new" email builder is utter nonsense. It is restrictive, uncooperative, and amateurish. What was wrong with the way it was for YEARS? Why change? Is this really better? I echo what others have said in that it takes MUCH longer to compose an email the way I want it than before. I won't bother asking for an option to use the old editor; as we all know how those requests turn out. I guess we'll just take what's shoved at us and keep paying, as per usual. 

CTCT Employee
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 Hey @SAScc, thanks for sharing your experience. I understand the new editor is a bit different, however, it adds a lot of cool functionality especially with personalized subject lines, RSVP blocks, and most importantly - a mobile responsive design. You mentioned that you found it restrictive and I wanted to see if I could get some further clarification on this. Is there a specific action that you find difficult to perform? 


We want to make the new editor as useful as possible and we really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with it. 

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I'll chime in here - been using one version or another of the new one for almost a year. I like some of the recent additions - line spacing is a big winner, for sure. But it's still cumbersome, overly responsive to mouse movement, and some things are almost impossible to do. For example - try changing the color of a block at the bottom of an email to something other than a standard color. Unless one is absolutely totally steady with the mouse *and* knows what to do by trial and error, it is impossible to get to the bottom of the color selection screen to type in the new values.