Attaching lists before scheduling

On the old platform, I used to be able to attach the lists while still in draft mode. Now even when I attach and save the lists are no longer attached when I go back to work on the email campaign. I often have to  pull/create lists from outside of CC that I load up just for a specific campaign and I don't want to forget I have created the list so it would be helpful if I could attach the list before I am ready to schedule. This was an option on the old platform and I would love to see it brought back or at least an explanation on why it was taken away.

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Hi @BoardofTrade what are some cases where you would want to attach your contact list to a campaign before sending or before the draft is finalized?

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Honestly all the time. We send out a lot of event promotion emails and I like to remove people that have already registered. It's helpful if I can do that in advance then attach the revised list to the campaign so it's sitting and ready to go when I receive approval to send. If it's not already attached then I have to remember if I have done that step yet or not and usually repeat the task just to be sure.

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