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The bold setting on the new email creator often gives me hassle when trying to bold or unbold things. All it does is go to the next line and it doesn't bold or unbold my selection.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for the feeback @ArthurG,


This one sounds like there might be some kind of bug.  We've been hearing this feedback very recently, and are trying to pin down why this is happening.  A few questions:


1. Are you using the bold button to try to bold/unbold, or are you using keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + b)?

2. Are you pasting content into your blocks from an outside source?  If so, where are you pasting content in from?

3. Is this something that has happened for a while, or something that recently starting occurring?


Any additional info you can give would be helpful!

Occasional Visitor

I am having a similar probelm. Copiied a block from one email and pasted it into a new camapign. Text is now all bolded. Should be Arial 10. Bold button is not highlighted. Clear format does nothing. Looked at the HTML code and I don't see any bold tags to delete.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

We haven't heard back on the original post in order to troubleshoot so this is being closed. If this is still a problem please let us know!