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I'm told by support that sending to all@ is not supported - that this is a violation of terms to send to one email that reaches may users. I'm also told that this email never actually went out because of the all@ email address. However, your system indicates that the message sent successfully. I wasted 2 days of troubleshooting because your system showed SENT when the message was never actually sent. Stop wasting your time and mine with bad indications of success. If something I've done, intentionally or inadvertently, is a violation of your terms then you need to tell me - don't tell me that blocked violations were successful. I'm now looking for a new vendor that doesn't lie to me and waste days of my time.

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I had to troubleshoot a delivery issue. Called in on 4/20/21 for support. Support person could not help me and transferred me to someone else at the email was seriously unhelpful and never sent the SMTP trace that I asked for while at the same time blaming my email server config and claiming that I never setup Constant Contact properly. Found out today that everything that told me was wrong. I sincerely do not appreciate you wasting my time and yours. Your UI lies about delivery in the case of a distribution list email, claims delivery when there was no delivery - then you support folks blame the customer. Seriously, I expect more from a service that charges so much. I won't continue being a paying customer if your UI and employees keep lying and wasting my time. Make your policies clear and have your UI follow your policies - if you block an outbound email don't show it as Delivered/Sent when it was not. You look like a bunch of idiots.
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Hi  @SteveB5692 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Because Constant Contact is an opt-in service that requires permission from the individual contact to send, our system will not send email to role addresses as these are usually designed for distribution to a group of people, like a department, team, or even a whole company. In fact we have this article in our Help Center that shares further details on using role addresses within Constant Contact. With that said I have taken a closer look at your account and can see you recently enabled self-authentication. Is this the email server configuration you're speaking of?

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