Be able to send "One-off" e-mails

Be able to send "One-off" e-mails

It would be very helpful to add a feature where you can select one contact to send an e-mail to. So when you create an e-mail and go to send it out, instead of selecting a list, there would also be an option to just select 1 contact. 


This concept could also let you select multiple contacts if need be without having to have a specific list created. 


Would love to see this as a feature!



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Please add the option of being able to send an email to one person without creating a list of one.  This is extremely frustrating and makes me want to switch away form CC. 

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Agreed! Sending an email to one person would be very helpful! Sometimes you want to forward along a general update or newsletter to a specific individual with a note. Please update!

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Please . . . and if not, please explain why Constant Contact won't do this.

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Need to have this feature back

I agree !!!  I need to be able to send 1 person an individual coupon code !!!  Which means i have to go in and make a list with just them on it , but not only that , i have to create a whole new campain which has there specific coupon code to use !!! Constant contact needs an option to be able to go into a campain and edit it and send to just one person without it being so tedious !



I guess ill just have to use a regular email which defeats the purpose of why i even got contact contact