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Why not add a blank template so we can send our own emails.

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I wish the "save" button allowed you to easily save as a template.
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We do a lot of trainings - and regularly use the email, event spot, and survey platforms in the entire process. What I would love to be able to do is click 'email registrants' and be able to pick an existing email (which I have created as a template). Even better would be a 'email ATENDEES' function, but I can work around that. Unfortunately, every time I we have another training (event), I have to start the feedback email, and the completion email from scratch. so far the work around is to take the registrants and create a new distribution list just to be able to use an existing email - which virtually makes the email registrants function useless. Thanks much, If you need clarification, don;t hesitate to email me at **Removed By Moderator**


Thanks for posting this feedback!


Would it work to create the email and save it in the account as a draft and then copy it everytime you wanted to use the template? Unfortunately you would have to create it as an email and the copies would only help save time when sending as another email but you could copy the HTML code to use as an event or survey invite!

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Having a design background but not a strong coding background, it would be great if, as a user there was a way to start from scratch and build your template. Maybe you would first pick the overall kind of layout, 1 column, 2 column, 3 etc.. and set in your text blocks where you want , headlines and then be able to have multiple choices as to dividers and such. I find when working with a template I would like to change the style of the divider and there is only one choice. If you were able to give more choices I think that would put you at a great advantage for customers to be more flexible and creative with their layout process.





I need a blank Format to cut and paste in my design.
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At this time there are not enough votes on this topic to leave it open. It will be marked as closed but if you would still like to see a blank template available please let us know!

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