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Block layout switch option

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Block layout switch option

An option to switch a block's layout (opposite block layout). For example: a single block with two columns, with an image on the left and a header and text on the right. We need a switch which will automatically swap the sides: the image will move to the right and the head and text will move to the left. The background colors will also switch.
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @ElizabethF734.  If you click and drag the image in a two-column block to either the left or right using the pink guidelines (depending on where you want that image to be), you can change the layout of the block. Does this help to accomplish what you were looking to do?

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What is needed is a button that will switch text, images, links, etc. automatically.

Status changed to: Voting Open

@ElizabethF734  Thank you for clarifying! I'll open this up for voting.