Breaks in pages for printing

It would be nice if you added the feature to put page breaks on newsletters so that they can be printed without issues. It makes it VERY difficult to continue to do our Newsletters that can be many pages without this feature available . The breaks occur in the middle of paragraphs etc. and creates a problem when trying to write a Newsletter that can be emailed and printed . Thank you
Status changed to: Vote for this idea if you agree

Thanks for posting this feedback! The templates we offer are designed for printing directly but if this is something you knew your readers wants to do you could always work to design a template around this. You would need to keep the email short or include something like a PDF document that your reader could download and print. Would this be an option?

Status changed to: Voting Open
i'd like to download my newsletter as a pdf - but your site won't let me customize the paper size. When I download it as a jpeg or png I do get the entire newsletter on one page - but the links do not work in those formats. kindly fix this - your prior format was much easier to print/download to a pdf
Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes
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