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I do a lot of emails that I need hyperlinks to different web pages or emails.  Although using the "click here" wording with the hyperlink is fine, the buttons look more professional and stand out more.


It would be great if you had an option, when one wants to insert a button, to have the buttons side by side.  I know there is one template that has that already, but that template doesn't necessarily work for every purpose.  It takes up too much room and looks awkward to have the buttons on separate lines.  If we could have a side by side option, easily available it would be great.


I had to call customer service to have this done and he had to create a table for me, then create two .jpg images with the wording in them, then insert as images in my document.  If I had wanted to change the wording, I would have to have had to call customer service to do it!



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Hey @IowaDentalAssociation,

We think that is a great suggestion! So much so that we have implemented exactly this feature in our new editing experience. If you are interested in being moved to that editor, please let me know and I will send you a private message with some more info.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

This feature exists in the third generation editor. 

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