Two ideas : 1. Allow event announcements to be added to my calendar to be posted on web site. 2. My calendar should help us capture contact info. If someone views my calendar have a pop-up that asks if their information can be added to the contact list. No one wants to go to another form to complete anymore. As you know, sites are using google or facebook log-on button so you do not have to type info. Typing info over and over again is passe

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It would be wonderful if there was an email template that was already set up like a monthly calendar so that we could email calendars to our customers with only alittle customization.
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 Is this something that is available yet?

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 so did you add the iCal DOwnload event to the email?



Has this changed yet?  It would be great to have.

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Any update?

Anyone visiting this thread please vote for this feature/resolution at the top of the first page - or let the rest of us know if you found a different provider who can embed. Does anyone know if mailchimp can provide?


This functionality was asked about in 2014 - has constant contact added it yet in 2018?

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Would be great if there was an Add to Calendar feature in the emails (and not only events)

Need this tool calendar entry tool!

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Has this been added yet? This would be a HUGE addition to our monthly newsletter

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Add a way to upload an ics file. I'd like to be able to create a link or button to connect to a .ics file. i.e. "Save the Date", which would then download the .ics file for them to add to their calendar.  I know how to link to the .ics file outside of Constant Contact, but it would be very convenient to be able to do this all inside of the application. See list of others requesting same:

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Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @TonyB137, thanks for sharing this feedback! I've set this to "Voting Open" so we can get some further feedback from other users on this ability. Is this something you do for events and if so, would it be helpful for you to have the ability to create your own "Save the date" link within an email that included an ICS file that users could add to their calendar? 


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Been waiting for CC to add an .ics attachment option for a couple of years. Must be tricky?


I would also like to be able to include this in a standard campaign without having to use the Events page, which, to me, is a bit cumbersome.




We use a service called Geocentric for our website, and that's where we keep our event calendar. We send out a weekly email with our events, and some of our subscribers have requested an "Add to iCal/ Google Calendar" option. 


I've only been able to find solutions for this if people are managing their calendar with Constant Contact. Is there a way to create an "Add to [whatever calendar" option without importing the event to Constant Contact? It would be way too confusing and redundant to use CC to manage our events.


This should be a no brainer.

Please add this function soon.

We don't want to send our conference line number to all invites, only those who plan to attend.

Would also be helpful to know who will attend and get the meeting on their calendars.

Big disappointment for a email marketing company that has been around so long and is constantly adding new resources.

This really should be high on the priority list.



We need this.