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I searched help thinking that I may have overlooked the ability to add a call to action button that a user could click if they planned to attend an exhibit or event. Not only would this possibly cause someone to attend, but it would also give me an idea of the number of people who might attend. Is this possible to do in CC? Is it possible that this feature could be added?


I see that a button can direct to your website or send you an email, but it would be helpful if you could have a wider choice of actions, such "as plan to attend" or "send me more information", etc.

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Thanks for posting this feedback @CatherineB53! I see that you have used our new editor as well as the current one in your account. You will notice in the new experience that you can insert a button and link it to whatever you would like! Have you checked this out?



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Since we haven't heard back on the above solution I'm going to mark this topic as closed. If you have any additional questions please let us know! 

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