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I have picked up how to use the template editing tools pretty quickly, but there are a lot of customization features mentioned in the FAQ that seem to be missing from the current options. For example, the FAQ shows an entire list of social media buttons, but the list I can choose from is much shorter: Are the options limited by the payment plan I'm on, the template I choose, or have they simply been discontinued? I can tell from many of the images in the FAQ topics that they're showing what appear to be previous incarnations of the Constant Contact website design, so it makes me wonder if the topics were just never updated to reflect the current interface and options. It is very confusing! I have the background in markup so I could do this stuff manually if I have to, but it would be nice if the automated blocks worked as described in the support materials.

Well for one thing it would be nice if the script and the screen shots on the tutorials actually corresponded to the Edit Wizard that you are running. Time for an update?
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Voting Open? Seriously? The problem (and it is a PROBLEM, not an ISSUE) is your failure to keep up with proper documentation, so that users can depend on the help files. And without acknowledging that problem, you set these comments as open to voting, as though whether you'll do the right thing depends on how many people request it.


It's one thing to make changes to the system and put new versions into production that change or completely do away with tools, features, and processes that people found highly useful; and then when users complain in the Communty and sugget reinstating said features, you open it to voting as though it's an original, good new idea, at the same time you ask those community members to further explain what it is they want to do, how they want to do it--when they just made it clear that what they want to do and how they want to do it is exactly what they did and how they did it just before an upgrade changed things. That's one thing, which we have seen a lot of over the past few years. A different thing is failing to properly document your system changes in the help files so that people can keep up, and then setting a complaint or question about it to Voting Open.


Fix the help files or pack it in.



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