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Not sure what happened to the former multiple options for templates for there is only 1?  The one I used last year for Thanksgiving is not even available this year (although I know I can copy it; would like a different look and the one that is available is not attractive).  I know from a previous interaction with your customer service staff that you are looking for payment for additional campaigns, yet when I pressed on that issue, all of a sudden more were added to my options.  This is nickel-and-diming, and it's going to cost you customers.  

So I tried customer service and they were clueless, no surprises there. Before your redesign, previous original campaign templates were available to choose from. Now you have removed that feature. How come? P.S. - customer service had no idea what I am talking about. I just smh because CC likely has a million users on this service and my concern was the first he heard of it? Right.
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Hi @MegM thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize for any inconvenience caused from these templates not being available. The good news is members of our Product Team are regularly moving templates over to the newer editor. What are the templates you're looking for? Having any examples are helpful details for us to track on your behalf.


Hi @FirstNameL17688 what templates are you looking for?

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Just more than one would be a good start.  There used to be multiple choices and multiple layouts for each holiday.  I see that you have added more options, which is good, but I think they need to be added earlier than they are.  When I worked on my Thanksgiving campaign, there was one option, so I used one from the past.


I'm hoping with the holidays coming up that there will be multiple "season's greetings," "Happy Holidays," "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" options as there always have been in the past.

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