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Can no longer rename sent emails ("campaigns") ???

Can no longer rename sent emails ("campaigns") ???

So now (unless I'm missing something I've spent 15 minutes looking for on the site and in the forums) it is no longer possible to rename sent email campaigns? Why would developers remove something so useful and widely used ???
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New Member
Is it possible to change the "Email Name" of an email that has already been sent.

Note: I don't want to change anything about the email itself, just the name of it I see on my Existing Emails list.
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I don't think so.
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I would like this feature as well. Any additional insight on whether it's possible?

Occasional Organizer
Is there a way to edit the name of an email that has already been sent out?
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Hi Deanna,


You can only rename emails that are in draft status. I apologize for the trouble. If you really need to change the name, you can make a copy of the email you sent. And then remove the original under the Remove link in the Email Marketing tab. However, if you go to look at the Reports for the sent email, it will display the name of the original email. I have submitted this request to our developers on your behalf so they know that this is something that our users are looking for.


I hope this helps!

Marissa W. Community & Social Media Support Representative

New Member

Yes!  Well, not exactly possible, but there is a workaround:


Go to "Email Marketing" > "My Emails" and locate the email you want to "rename" on the list.  Then you push the icon on the left to make a copy of that email, and this lets you create a new name for the identical copy.  Then you can remove your old copy and, viola, you now have "renamed" your email.  Just make sure everything is right before you delete your original (even though Constant Contact lets you restore accidentally removed emails).


Where there's a will, there's a way.


Riis Larsen

Marketing Director

Larsen Auto Care

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Riis, what does that do for the email that is already sent?

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Hi all,


You can rename an email while it is still in Draft. To do so, click the Email Marketing tab. Click on the name of your email. On the left of the Email Details screen, you will see Edit Name. This is where you can edit the name of the email.


If an email has been sent, you cannot edit its name but making a copy of the email would allow you to do so. However, making a copy would make this a new email and none of the reports for the original email will carry over.


I've submitted a feature request on the behalf of everyone in this topic, requesting that the name of a sent email can be editable.



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I am also hoping this feature becomes available. It would be VERY helpful!!



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Yes, I agree, this would be a very helpful feature. I accidentally left the autopopulated name from the copy on a few emails that I sent and when I go to look at my history I always get confused.


Yes, adding this feature would help us too. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback! We'll pass it on!



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I would love to be able to do this also!

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I agree. This is my first use of C.C. and they sure make the simplest things difficult. How hard would it be to have a "rename" feature somewhere, like with a Word doc. You don't have to open and edit or make a copy of a file, you just rename it. Is that so difficult?

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We also would like to see this feature. It would really help keep things organized for future use.


Thank you for adding in your vote! I'll be sure to pass it along for you. 

Regular Advisor

I agree - this would be extremely helpful for me as well.  Especially when I copy an already sent newsletter and make edits to the email name yet  CTCT doesn't save my edits and I miss that it didn't and I publish and only after its sent do I realize it was sent with "Copy  of . . . .".

Honored Contributor

Thanks for your feedback, Chris! I've passed it on to our developers.

New Member

This would be very helpful and I believe easy for CC to change. I noticed that in spite of the numerous requests and promises to forward to the developers, 20 months have past and this is still not corrected...


Thanks for your input as well. This is something that is being looked into for the future but at this time I do not have a timeframe. I am happy to pass along yoru feedback directly for our developers.