Can't edit headline color in new layout

Hey gang, I'm looking forward to the new segmentation options--jury's still out on the rest of the updates.


Found a problem right away--can't reach the Recent Colors when editing the Header. 

If you try to use the scroll bar on the side, it clicks you out of the color selector.


Attached example is with Chrome zoomed out all the way to 30%--recents are still hidden under a white area.

Can't get to recent colors down there!Can't get to recent colors down there!

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@COVDStaff thank you for the great feedback.  I will pass your comments on to the team.

One thing you might be able to try instead of clicking on the scroll bar when this situation happens is to use the scroll wheel on your mouse or trackpad if you are using a laptop while you hover over the color picker. 

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Since we haven't heard anything back yet we are marking this as closed. If Chris' response has not resolved the issue please feel free to reach out to us again.

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This is still an ongoing bug in Firefox.  Has there been no solution?  Does it work properly in other browsers?

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I have the same problem. Scrolling does not help because it does not work! I'm grabbing the scroll bar and nothing is happening. I can't change the color. 

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