Cannot Cut and Paste within block using Firefox or Chrome

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you copy/ cut and past rarely works. It pastes a previous clip board item, rarely the most recent one. Makes the feature pretty non-functional. Like this works everywhere else but here! Very annoying.

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Hi @DianaT671

I am very sorry to hear of your frustration. I would really like to look into this more so we can try and detemrine what is happening. Can you help with some additional information?


- Where are you copying from?

- Are you pasting right into the block without formatting?

- Do you copy your email template to use it again or do you start fresh every time?



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It doesn't matter where I copy from - in the doc, elsewhere. When I paste, it applies a previous clipboard item, not the latest one. Yes, right into the block. I don't care about the formatting. I went to the options tab where it asks if I want to keep the formatting but that is of little use when I don't have the accurate content. This email is a copy template from the previous one, but the same thing happened on a fresh doc.



Hi @DianaT671

Thanks for this detail. I would like to try to replicate your situation so can you verify what browser you are working in?


It sounds like the content might not being copying from the original source correctly. Have you tried copying like you normally do and instead pasting into something like Word to see if the content carries over?

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I'm working in firefox. I have never had this happen before. I copy and paste all the time. I just tested it again. No problem outside of  the CC page.


HI @DianaT671

Sorry for the delay, I did some digging and it looks like we're aware of this problem and working to investigate further. I'll open a case in your account to track this. Please let me know if you would like me to notify when this is resolved!


Thanks again. 


Having same problem!  Any update?


Hi @JayB6

Thanks for posting. I looked into this issue and we're still looking into the cause. We are looking for a couple of details if you can help:


- Are you using a PC or Mac?
- What browser & browser version are you using?


Thank you!

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Constant Contact i worthless


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