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Cannot crop images with new image editor

 When I try to crop images using the new image editor, it crops then it automatically reverts changes as if I never cropped the image. Does anyone else have this problem?

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @ScottJ110, thank you for sharing this issue with us! We are aware of an issue where upon inserting an edited image, the original image displays without the edits you made. We found that this is typically an issue with the image being cached and if you preview  or send the email out to your contacts, the correct image should display. You'd want to test this by previewing the email and sending yourself a test first. 


This is something we're actively investigating and I've gone ahead and opened this idea for voting so we can get more input from other users that are experiencing this. 

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I was not able to get it to work at all. Not sure what I am doing incorrectly, but finally resorted to editing in another program and then importing. Was very sad to see changes to the editor that seem to diminish functionality in the service of bells and whistles I won't use. Also am not clear how to revert to the original or last saved image when I make a change that I do not want to keep. This is not intuitive. Janice

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Agree. I absolutely HATE the new photo editor. It's making my job MUCH more difficult. Why does Constant Contact do these things? Justify salary and make changes just for the sake of change? This is much worse...


Hey @MICHAELHADDONH, thanks for sharing your feedback! We previously used an image editor that Adobe owned called Aviary. Adobe unfortunately discontinued this product and many companies were required to find an alternative photo editor as we weren't the only ones using it. We are trying to get as much feedback from our users as possible on the functionality of this editor and are doing as much as we can to implement these requests. While some features of the new photo editor have become a little more involved to accomplish, it's also added quite a few new features and tools that the previous editor didn't have. We do want to do what we can to improve the experience so If you find specific parts of the editor that are causing issues or features that you'd like to see in that editor, definitely let us know through the feedback buttons at the bottom of every page in your account. 




Hey @Seminarian, thanks for the additional information! We've been working on adding the ability to save the edits as a copy of the image instead of just overwriting the original file. Once we have that ability implemented, I'll be sure to update you in this thread. 


"We are aware of an issue where upon inserting an edited image, the original image displays without the edits you made. We found that this is typically an issue with the image being cached and if you preview  or send the email out to your contacts, the correct image should display. You'd want to test this by previewing the email and sending yourself a test first. "


Actually no. The WYSIWYG editor allows the cropped image to be enlarged. But when you preview or send the email, the image is the original non-enlarged image :(


When I crop an image in the new photo editor, then enlarge the image in the WYSIWYG email campaign editor, the preview shows the original non-enlarged image and so does the final email. This only started happening with the new editor. It's a bug that needs fixing urgently.

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 Seminarian, here, to be clear, I am not able to crop any image using the photo editor "custom" option or any of the set options. Could it be a browser issue? 


Hey @Seminarian, what browser are you currently working in? The crop tool can sometimes be difficult to see if you're working with an image that has a light background. When you're in the "Transform" options of the editor, you'd want to click and drag one of the corners in. Are you not getting the option to do so in your browser? If so, could you post a screenshot of what you're seeing? 

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I want to pop into this thread to again complain about this new image editor.  I think I started a different thread, but want to reiterate how horrible this new image editor is.  I use a lot of images in my newsletters as I am writing for an arts group.  This does not bode well for me.  PLEASE, CC, fix this!  (Details of my complaint elsewhere.)

Hello, I am trying to have an image be the same width as my email, which I've always been able to do. When I drag the image in the email and make it as big wide as the email, it shrinks down when I hit preview or send a test. Again, I have the image as wide as the email - how I want it - but when I preview my email or send a test, it shrinks down a bit and does not fill up the email which looks bad. Is there any fix to this?


Update: I had to crop the image in photoshop to get it to fit how I want it to. Seems like it might have been the new image editor that caused this issue. 

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Fix your photo editor! I spend more time trying to figure out how to edit a photo (simple crop or placement) than I do in developing the rest of the piece. It is getting to the point that I am looking for other options.


I completely agree.  The new image editor is terrible, making work more complicated and time consuming with no apparent benefit at all.  I tried to give it a little time.  All changes require an adjustment period but using this program is increasingly becoming a waste of time.  Very, very disappointed.

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New photo editor is terrible.  Someone needs to read the posts in Ask the Community.  Not fair to us who would like to have the old photo editor back or take the bugs out of the new one.


I had a problem with the editor today as well. I don't use it a lot but I wanted to crop an image just a little bit. No matter what I did, it was cropping too much off the outside edge of the image, cropping off my content. In other words, I could not drag the corners out any further, even if I changed the setting to custom.. or any of the other aspect ratios, lock ratio, etc. Nothing worked. It should start with the corners around the entire original image cropping nothing, letting you drag the corners in where you want them. Not force you to crop X amount by default.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Thanks for all the comments. We were able to fix the issues causing the initial problems with saving the edits to images.

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This issue is happening today? How is it fixed?



Hi @Claire_MacPherson. Are you making sure to select Export after making your changes? Please review our Knowledge Base article for a step by step guide on how to edit your images. If this is still happening, please post on our Get Help board where our support team will assist you.