Center Align Context Box

Please place the content box in the middle of the screen instead of left-aligned. For those of us developers who have giant screens, this helps reduce neck pain. :smileyface:
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Hey Joe, 


Can you help me understand what page your looking at? Is this while your editing or after you sent the email? 

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When working in 1920 x 1080 screen resolution the email campaign editing page only takes up the right 50% or so of the screen. This is more of a user-experience discomfort than an actual barrier to efficient use but I find it very strange.
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Contents set to the left is bit annoying, would be better if would have either assigned it to the center alignment or with the full page. Also I think the top thin line of below the Customize your campaign in editing mode must be with 100% width to cover whole page.

Thank you for sharing! This is great feedback. 

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Can you please center the editing screen? #errors, #aboveTheBar, #belowTheBar, #visualEditorInclude { margin: 0 auto; width: 958px; }
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This is an issue that only occurs on our older editor. Please try out our Next Generation Editor - it has a number of improvements that I hope you'll love!

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