Center vertically an image in new editor

I'm not able to center vertically an image in the new editor to the text in the cell to the left (or right). Is this a limitation of the new editor, or am I just not seeing how to accomplish? Would be nice if you could add it to the new editor if it doesn't exist. Thank you, Tanya
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @LauriHolmes, thanks for sharing this feedback! I've opened this idea up for voting so we can get further feedback from other users as well as allow them to "Kudo" this idea if they agree with it. As of right now, we don't have a way to vertically align an image next to text due to the way our editor works, however, it's something we are happy to hear about and will definitely look into. 


Can you please implement this feature? It is basic graphic design and we use Constant Contact for the professional look. Without proper centering of email components the email looks very unprofessional and sloppy. 

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