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Change background color by column

Change background color by column

1) I would like to suggest having an option to have a sidebar for the generation 3 templates. This would make it easier to organize newsletter.

2) I would also love to edit the rows a little more. For example, being able to change the color of one section and having a different color for the other section. 

3) Having a vertical divider would also be helpful in distinguishing between 2 sections within the same row

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Thank you for the feedback @TiffanyH2015,


1. I'd like to understand this feedback a little better.  When you mention wanting a sidebar what exactly do you mean?

2. You can change the background color of each individual block, which might help with what you are looking to do.  Here's an article on how to do that:

3.  I agree!  A vertical divider could definitely be helpful.  Thank you for the great feedback.

1) This is a sidebar template feature from the previous generation:


2) I have added two different stories in the same row. Notice how, if glanced over, it looks like they are part of the same story ("Membership 101" and "Hops and Shops at Gilman Village"). What I am referring to is, at this point in time, Gen 3 does not let me individually change the color background of "Membership 101" and "Hops and Shops at Gilman Village" to make them look separate from one another.

 Gen 3.JPG


3) Thank you! Hopefully this gets added soon :smileyface:


Thank you for the clarification!  Makes total sense to me.  I'm going to open your feedback up for voting, but in the meantime if you keep copying and working off previous emails on our second generation editor you will still have the features you need.


Thank you for the great feedback!

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I would like to see the inner background a customizable pattern/image. For my campaigns, I use a basic colour/pattern for the main background, but with blocks of images/text on an inner background - in my case, a barnboard image. The only way I can do this currently is to make all of my 'blocks' in a photo editor (on the barnboard background), and upload them as images to CC. It works OK for a newsletter but not when posting to Facebook. Please allow us to upload a custom inner background.


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My company's branding guidelines are very strict and require the ability to change the box colors when boxes are side-by-side. Every time I try to do this, it just changes the entire area's color, vs just one half of the box. I've had to start creating my emails in word/indesign, then creating a JPEG and putting the photo into the email (which I can do without Contant Contact in the first place). Can't justify Constant Contact if the functionality won't work with the company's branding..


It would help to be able to add more than one internal background color to break up the text into smaller boxes. This may help people find their topics of interest more quickly and possibly prevent them from missing ones that do not stand out as well with one solid background color. 

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Client keeps asking for side by side columns to have different background colors. Feeling stuck. Might move to Mailchimp...

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LorraineS3 - can you do that in Mailchimp?!  That has been my biggest issue with Constant Contact.  I have to create my email via word, save it as a picture, and then upload it as a picture into Constant Contact to keep with our branding standards.


Hi there! Where are we on being able to add more than one internal background color to break up the text into smaller boxes? It seems like a pretty simple thing to which we shouldn't have to find a workaround. Thanks.


Ditto, I need this too.


Here's another vote to please add a feature that allows different/custom color blocks to coexist in the same row. Thanks!

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I agree, we definitely need the option to have blocks in the same row with different background colours. Vertical dividers would be great too. 

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Why hasn't this been addressed yet? My employer specifically asked for a "side bar" of a different color to feature other information.
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So we did get the vertical divider, FINALLY, that was mentioned in the original post. Can someone from CC address the question of whether the background color issue is even being considered or if it's something that has been ruled off the table? This has been under discussion for over a year so it seems like some update is really called for!