Change content alignment on mobile or small screens

I'd love to be able to change the alignment of content when it gets onto a small screen.


In the current-gen editor, when I left-align content for desktop, it gets centered when shrunk down to a small screen. But when I right-align content for desktop, it stays right-aligned when the width is shrunk down to a mobile phone/small screen -- I'd love to be able to set behaviors for content at different page widths.




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Hey @SamF32, thanks for sharing this feedback! I did some tests with my iPhone using the mail app and when I received my campaign, the text remains left aligned and didn't actually center itself. Could you tell me which device you are using to test the mobile design of the campaign? 

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Hi Chris -


I'm using the Outlook app for iOS, but the behavior is visible in your own preview tool within the editor -- see the attached screenshots to get a better picture of my request.


When previewing in the CC editor, the desktop version of our footer looks like this:


Logos stacked, left-justified, address right justified. When viewing the mobile preview, though, things get weird:


Logos are still properly stacked, and now they're centered -- this I don't mind at all. But the text *doesn't* center, it stays right-justified. This behavior carries over to the Outlook iOS app, too:


Any thoughts? Ideally I'd like to be able to set the alignment for content on large screens and small/mobile screens independently

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