Change sorting order of archived campaigns

We have multiple emails to different audiences.  Currently three soon to be five. The archieve feature in the new generation no longer allows me to group my emails together.  This is problematic because a listing will never get done what I need to achieve.  


This is very upsetting feature that CC took away so now I will creating a page on our website and not utilizing your archeive feature at all.


I have also been told by a coworker that the app no longer works for him.  


Please fix these issues. Thank you.

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I agree! We post the archive so that targeted audiences can go back and review previous material when they choose, and so that new members of the target group can read information that they may missed in earlier emails.

With the new format:

  • Every target group has to dig through the same long list of emails; we cannot group in any way.
  • Emails sent weekly "bump" monthly and quarterly emails, sent to different groups, entirely off the archived list.
  • Emails are NOT posted in chronological order, and information from 2013 is up at the top of our 2016 list.

I have called and emailed about this, and nothing has changed. The customer service folks are so patient and courteous, and I feel sorry for them to have to listen to the same complaints. I am told that if enough of us complain, they will do make a change. Is everyone else content with the new archive?



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I'm also thoroughly disappointed by this change in how the archive function works. It was perfect when it was a page hosted on CC, and we had access to different sections so we could chose what to show where.


Now, I'm not going to pay for something that basically generates a list of emails that is completely unformated and requires me to host it on my own website.


I'm going to just make my own page and upload my emails to my website, and forget all about CCs archive function. I'm getting tired of paying for things I cannot even use anymore.


They still have me on a package priced higher than the new base package, which is essentially the same as what I was on with various add ons, so I'm paying more than I should. Thanks CC.

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Can you please put an "archive" update option on the Campaign Detail page? The only way to add campaigns to the archive is from the summary listing page, but sometimes it's necessary to see the detail first before deciding to archive, so it's a lot of back-and-forth. Also, a default setting to "archive all" campaigns to a particular list would be helpful.
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The change in the campaign archive product in the newest generation editor does not work for us because we are unable to change the name of the sent email, nor sort or categorize the emails.  In our older platform, the archive experience was different - it included a homepage that was editable and the dates of the emails were clearly shown. Please add these features back into the archiving process: changing the name of the archive and being able to edit the order that they are listed.

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The Email Archive widget is absolutely useless and based on feedback in the community has been that way since it was implemented in 2016 with no improvements. So after three years of ignoring requests to improve this "feature" it would be better if you simply removed this from your site and honestly told customers that the only way to reliably build an archive, that is sorted correctly, and has even basic metadata like date sent, is to do it manually. I mean sure, all of that is obviously available on the Constant Contact system, but rather than providing an actual functional method for achieving this, you obviously believe it is better to push the work out to all of your customers in a 1990's style manual table edit...


So either commit to fixing this, or be honest with everyone and admit that hard coding manual links and data is the only way to do it....

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