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Click segmentation - random order?!

Click segmentation - random order?!

I LOVE the new click segmentation feature. It is going to up our marketing game. And all the other new features like A/B testing that Constant Contact has been lacking in for a while. I'm SUPER excited to use all of these - but WHY in the good lord's name is the new click segmentation feature in a completely random order?! We have nearly a hundred lists, and having to dig through this gigantic drop down that is in seemingly no logical order to implement the click segmentation is absolutely bazarre. Please at least alphabetize it!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @MichelleC84

So glad to hear you love it, thanks for posting!

You're right, they are out of order and we've got a ticket open to determine the best way to organize lists here moving forward. I can't give you a timeframe at this moment but we hear you and I'll add your comments to the ticket!




This is an issue for us as well. Alphabetical order would be the most beneficial sorting for us!

Seems this hasn't been addressed yet. Please add this as another request to put the campaign lists in some order. ANY intentional order would be a start, but I agree with previous poster- alphabetical would make most sense; and if could have sort options-  'by date created' would be my next choice.