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We would love an option that allows for lengthy paragraphs to have a collapsible ability that had a "read more" button. I see that you have a button for "read more" but this links to a website. We would rather it collapse the text to "read more" button. Thank you, Carolin Wood at Cornerstone Fellowship
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Hi @Barakat_Arti. The Read More block will bring readers to an external link and we have not made any changes to this block to have it expand and show an entire article within the email. If there are any updates to share, we will comment on this thread. 

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For multiple events on one announcement, it would be very useful to have the collapse/expand feature for texts.

Great idea, thanks for posting! Have you considered using Anchor tags or a table of contents to link to pieces of the same email? You could include the headers with a brief description of each event and then a link to a full block of information at the bottom of the email!

Status changed to: Vote for this idea if you agree
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I think it would be great to be able to add a "read more" button in separate sections of my newsletter. Then I could have a teaser paragraph and the reader could expand or collapse the rest of the story. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing this feedback, Tim!

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

No way! I would totally find this more useful that linking to a huge block of text at the bottom of the page! I can't believe this vote closed last month.




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Any update to the possibility of expanding/collapsing the content in text block? This is such a commonplace feature now, it would be great for Constant Contact to update the platform to include it!


Please include this update!

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @KristinTabak,


Thank you for the great feedback! I've put this into voting.


I agree.  This would be great for our lengthy newsletters.

OMG!! This would be AMAZING!!

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Would like to condense and expand a block within the email template. So like your Blog read more block but within the Constant Contact block so I don't have my reader leaving the email

This would be amazing!!

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"Read more" would be an extremely useful feature to have in the email templates. 

Development Team: Please add this feature to the email templates.


I would also love this option!

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Great idea!


We NEED This! Shocked you don't offer it. I see it frequently in other platforms' emails.


This feature would be incredibly useful!


Agree completely.  Capability to add a "read more" link that extends the active text frame and reveals masked content. Maybe I'm imagining it, but didn't Constant Contact use to offer this capability a long time ago?

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