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Good afternoon,


I have a minor convenience-related suggestion for Color Selection while working within the Constant Contact email editor. Currently, the background colors for email elements are generated based on those selected under the "Design" tab, yet I have frequently encountered instances in which elements built into the template adopt different background colors than when similar elements are added by the user.


The screenshot below was taken of an email being developed based on the "Boxing Day Promotion" template. This template contained Feature Articles with a navy blue background separated by Dividers with navy blue backgrounds and white dividing lines. However, when adding additional Dividers, these follow the Inner Background color preference of a white background with a gray line.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 12.42.26 PM.png

In order to change the background color to match the other dividers, I currently have to hover over a navy blue element, click the Paint Bucket tool, then click "More Colors", copy the color's Hex Code, and then go back to the white element, click the Paint Bucket tool, then click "More Colors" and then paste the copied Hex Code into the color selection box. (the color then appears in my Recent Colors for easier use)


This isn't too many steps, but adds extra development time to my emails, as I change themes frequently to keep them fresh.


Ideally, this time could be lessened either through providing an 'Eyedropper' tool for color selection based on other elements or perhaps providing a Color Swatch Family related to the default colors used by a template that appears in the color selection tool.


Would options such as this be possible to implement within the current generation of the email editor?

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 Hey @JamesR146, thanks for reaching out! I took a look at the campaign you had referenced and it looks like this issue is caused by the "Inner Background" color being white in the "Design" tab. If you click on the color box to change the color, there is a "Recent Colors" section there in which has the blue that was used in this template. In my tests, changing this white color to the Navy Blue color forced the divider backgrounds to assume that color.

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 4.50.11 PM.png



Having an eyedropper type tool could definitely come in handy though as the Recent Colors don't always retain the colors users want as it's limited to the last 10 colors. I've opened this idea up for voting so we can collect additional feedback from other users on a tool like this. 


On a side note, thanks so much for providing the screenshot and additional information! This post may help ease the process of obtaining the HEX value for the color, however, there are also third party plugins that you can install into your browser that may be easier/ more convenient to use than Color Cop, such as ColorZilla. 

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