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I've experienced and heard about many situations where a CC email is forwarded to a group as an fyi, and then someone in that forwarded group clicks unsubscribe, which removes the original CC member. Then to make matters worse, apparently an antispam protocol is initiated whereby the original email address can't get emails again. This is a major flaw! The unsubscribe request should ALWAYS be confirmed via an email from CC to the address requesting the unsubscribe. fyi a couple groups that I belong to that use CC are thinking of moving to a different platform, largely due to this.

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Hello @JimL114 I apologize for the frustration you are having but as you mentioned we do not have a way to send a confirmation email after someone has unsubscribed. Per the Can Spam Act once someone has unsubscribed, they cannot be mailed to again through Constant Contact unless they re-subscribe.


If someone has been unsubscribed by accident and contacts you and asks  to re-subscribe, you can follow the steps in this knowledge base article to send them a opt-in confirmation email. Thank you for the feedback.

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