Constant Contact is crap now?

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I used your services for another business several years ago and it was GREAT. And today I am involved with another business and wanted to do some stuff with Constant Contact. So I am trying to make a worthy newsletter/email to announce a big sale in this store. But all I can see are very basic and crappy templates. There's not even anything close to outdoors! Before, you had a better selection of templates and even had categories. But nothing like that anymore. I am sorry, but your selection of template is too little and not looking as good as they were before. I guess that you guys took the customers for granted and decided to reduce the choice and quality but to keep the same fees. Not good.... not good at all so I think it's time for us to look for another system around.

Hi @CharlesR229

I am sorry to hear you aren't enjoying your experience. I'm sending you an email with some details on what we can do, can you reply to me there?



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Nothing else to add. Constant Contact is now real crap and do you serioulsy believe that anyone would use any of the 80 pittyful templates you have? All are "noobs like" designed. You had LOTS of nice templates before and now THIS? Why should we give you our business for such crap? Sorry, but we've already moved to another company and very happy with them. And it seems it's getting worst since EIGI bought CC and layed off 200 employees right away and planing to close several offices. That company is dead..... another Geocities of this world.

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