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Please add a way to be able to include contact details in the subject line of emails.
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Hi @JessL51

Good news, this is a priority for early next year! We will update you here when we have more information. 


Per Louigi (and per your tech team that he consulted), using dynamic variables in the Subject Line (or any other similar field) is not an available feature at this time but there is a feature request in place that he said he added me to. Subject Line dynamic variables help tremendously with personalizing emails right from their inbox preview and increases open and click-through rates significantly. Other email marketing platforms already offer this so it should be added to the Constant Contact platform ASAP.


Also, customizing Buttons on your platform is buggy and cumbersome. Improving this would be greatly appreciated.



Josh Tait

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I would love to personalize my contacts and have their first name in the subject line, but i am unable to do so with Constant Contacts. Can you fix that?

Well, now that we have the ability to add a portion of the contact information to the subject line, my community is saying it is too creepy to add the recipient first name in the subject line.  What reading on the creepy meter do you all get?

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