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Hello, 2) I like to change the colors of borders/backgrounds, and I usually take a sampling of the color I want to use from an image I've uploaded in the editor. To do this, I use a tool called Instant Eyedropper, which copies the hex color and lets you paste the code directly into whatever editor you are using. Unfortunately, when I paste the color code in the new editor, an (extra) hashtag is attached and the last letter/number of the hex code falls off. I always have to delete the (extra) hashtag and then add the number or letter of the code that got cut off. I would NOT need to do this in the Legacy editor...the Legacy editor would automatically accept the code. I need to do two extra steps in the new editor. Thank you.

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Hello @LauriHolmes

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback on the new editor. So it sounds like you would prefer the editor to not include the #?

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Our cross-platform editor allows for the copying and pasting of hex codes when changing colors without needing to delete the hashtag.

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