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Why did you get rid of the COPY option for emails? I always copy a previous email to get the same formatting for a new email.

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Hello everyone!


The ability to copy Legacy Newsletter templates has been disabled since we are moving forward with our updated editor and are dedicating resources to making this editor the best it can be. Because of this we would recommend recreating your template in our updated editor. This updated editor does have the ability to be copied. Additionally, we have an article that specifically goes over some of the differences and similarities between the legacy editor and our current one. Feel free to peruse our Knowledge Base for other helpful guides, tutorial videos, tips, and basic troubleshooting assistance regarding the editor.


If you'd like some live, one-on-one guidance and screensharing, our friendly phone support staff would be happy to assist you while you make the transition. They can also collect info on what template(s) you'd like to have transposed into the current editor, or get an order written up if you'd like a wholly different, branded template created.


With that said, are there any features in particular that are causing you to continue copying these Legacy Newsletter Templates? We welcome any feedback about this editor so we can forward your thoughts to our Product team.

The "Copy" campaign template option has disappeared. Please reinstate it from the (...) button. Thanks.

WE OUTTA HERE **bleep** bring back the COPY function. And please stop with the new editor BS replies. We require that function or working solutions.

I am very upset that you removed the copy feature for emails! It takes so much time to recreate an email every single time - I have been copying and modifying past emails for years. Please bring that feature back - I really don't want to spend hours creating an email from scratch. Thanks!
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I cannot believe how CC has so completely screwed up their Campaign Templates. I was literally kicked out of my template with zero warning and the support I have been begging for has been ridiculous. THEY can't even reproduce my previous format!!! My emails look like crap now, I am RUNNING to another service. The worst part? I have complained all the way up the chain and after 10 years NO one from CC has responded to me. What a way to run a business right into the ground, CC!!! >: (

What happened to the copy button? Is there an easy way to copy and old email and edit it? I have done this for years. I do not want to start over every time I need to send an email. This is very time consuming.
I HATE THE NEW CONSTANT CONTACT. I copy my previous email and make changes and send again and it no longer allows that! Unless you type them in or send to new people!!!
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Why was the copy option removed? Our company sends hundreds of emails monthly. Now every one will have to be recreated? Poor decision.

Absolutely not ok.  And without "warning" of any kind.

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I have had it! I got negative amounts of help from the "Support" people and believe it or not, NO ONE from CC has reached out to me despite being a longtime (10 years) customer and lodging several complaints and pleas for assistance. I have been testeing several other email and communications services recommended to me by professional friends. For me all I really need to do is send 3-4 emails per week so I am going with MailChimp. Even their simple free software is 1000% better than this crap CC has forced on us. Getting ready to fly away from the worst customer service experience I can remember. Whew! What a huge waste of my time. Don't put up with it folks! There are LOTS of better companies out there who value our business. 


I work with two nonprofits and use both the Legacy version and the newest version. The "updated editor" is a nightmare to work with. The Legacy editor is so much easier and simple to make changes. Removing the "Copy" feature is just plain mean. All I can think is that you are doing it to force us to move over to the "updated editor" which is a crappy program full of glitches. Let the customer decide which program meets their needs and support Legacy customers who prefer it.


P.S. I have been a Constant Contact customer since the company started and believe you can do better for your customers.

Your newest update does not allow me to use my past emails as templates as I have done for several years. Why did you stop this!!!!! I typically just open up my last email and duplicate it and make the changes I need to make to images and text. You took out this button!
Consulting & Training
Today I discovered that Legacy Email was no longer available. In creating our newsletter using the new Email format, I find it much more work for us and takes much more time. I don't like having to build a newsletter each time we create one. I was happy with Legacy Email format. Thank you.
VERY frustrating in a time-sensitive environment.
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Help! Why is this feature not working???? I need to get a campaign out TODAY and I rely on this to replicate my template!!

I can no longer copy a previous campaign (as I have been doing for years) because the "Copy" option is no longer in the dropdown menu for past campaigns.  Is this a bug that was introduced by whatever updates were happening this morning between 8am and 9am?


(I also tried to make a copy via "Create" + "Recent" and it told me to login again and if that didn't work to contact support.  It's Sunday so no support available!  So here we go...)


Please help, deadline is approaching! Thank you

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I see that most of these comments are from July and August.  It is October 25th and this is the first time the copy feature is missing in my account.  BRING IT BACK PLEASE.  It is a crucial function and I cannot stay with CC without it.  At a time when things are already hard enough.  why on earth would you take away a feature that so many of us rely on??????????  The new editor is a nightmare and I will not waste my precious time on it.  Are you trying to force us over to the new editor??  Nope. nope. nope. My simple comment is this:  BRING THE COPY FEATURE BACK IN LEGACY.  This used to be such a great company and product....what has happened to you?

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The copy feature seems to no longer exist. I don't want to "reinvent the wheel" every time I want to send my clients an email. I like being able to copy an existing campaign.
Why did you guys get rid of the copy option when creating newsletters? This saved me so much time when I just had to switch out a few simple things. Please bring it back.

I am so mad at this feature. You guys did not give us notice. This is such a stupid decision! Why? You guys should fire whoever even suggested this idea! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SUPER INCONVENIENT. WE ARE GOING TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER EMAIL PROVIDER.

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I have lost TWO ENTIRE DAYS this week trying to get the emails out that need to go out.  CC has repeatedly said they emailed us to warn that the copy feature was being eliminated, and yet, so many comments here that we were NOT notified.  So who's lying?  After vociferous complaining on my part, CC agreed to recreate one of my templates in the new editor.  Ok fine...let's do that.  It then cost me another ENTIRE day to undo what they did...they decided they had a better idea of what my content should be a created something that is NOTHING like my template or contents.  This whole company is crap.

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