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Copy disable for legacy emails

Why did you get rid of the COPY option for emails? I always copy a previous email to get the same formatting for a new email.

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Hello everyone!


The ability to copy Legacy Newsletter templates has been disabled since we are moving forward with our updated editor and are dedicating resources to making this editor the best it can be. Because of this we would recommend recreating your template in our updated editor. This updated editor does have the ability to be copied. Additionally, we have an article that specifically goes over some of the differences and similarities between the legacy editor and our current one. Feel free to peruse our Knowledge Base for other helpful guides, tutorial videos, tips, and basic troubleshooting assistance regarding the editor.


If you'd like some live, one-on-one guidance and screensharing, our friendly phone support staff would be happy to assist you while you make the transition. They can also collect info on what template(s) you'd like to have transposed into the current editor, or get an order written up if you'd like a wholly different, branded template created.


With that said, are there any features in particular that are causing you to continue copying these Legacy Newsletter Templates? We welcome any feedback about this editor so we can forward your thoughts to our Product team.

Was easy before now its overwhelming. I just want to use an old flyer and update it for a future same event. Any ideas? best Tom
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Hi @ThomasP250 what about copying an email campaign in your account is overwhelming? Although our older Legacy Newsletters can no longer be copied, our updated Third Generation Newsletter Emails can be copied.

On the Capaigns webpage, the "COPY" gray square button hasn't worked for a few weeks. I usually go around and copy it once I click it, but it might need to be fixed. THANKS!
The copy button isn't working anymore. What's going on with that? I NEED to copy my emails before I edit them. It doesn't make sense to recreate my template each time!

NO COPY SUCKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Occasional Participant

Regarding losing the ability to copy older emails...this is going to make things really difficult.  We are going to have to recreate hundreds of emails whose templates we have built through the years.  PLEASE reconsider or find a way to work around it (other than recreating).  We have been your customer for 11 years.  Please take this into consideration.


I am extremely disappointed to find that I cannot use my templates from an event I hold yearly to build a new email.  Since apparently, this feature has been disabled.  I see very little difference in the emails and did not expect to have to start from scratch.  If your templates can still be available, why can't my email templates.  Even more time to try to get the option for constant contact to take one of my old template to make me only one for free.  Even more time to complain.  Disappointed for no gain.   Not happy!!!!



Forcing longstanding customers to abandon their existing campaigns by disabling the ability to copy our existing ones was a jerk move. 


Now that I have to re-create all of my legacy campaign documents anyway I might as well go ahead and evaluate other service providers.  It's the same amount of work and this disregard for your user base isn't engendering feelings of loyalty.

Frequent Participant

We're being told that you did away with being able to copy previous emails so your new editor can be the "best it can be".  That's great for you, but you have now made my job a thousand times more work for me.  Having to start from scratch is not the "best" for me.  Why when you designed the new editor you made the decision not to keep the copy option is unbelievable.  

Consulting & Training

It is extremely frustrating that I am all of a sudden no longer able to copy my old campaigns. We use them as templates for our client's press releases. This inability is forcing me to have to remake upwards of 30 campaigns. I am enormously unhappy with this new issue, and it will lead me to looking into  and other companies instead of Constant Contact.  

Regular Participant

Ditto to the numerous comments about the copy function.  Apparently now we can copy prior emails, but only the ones that have been created since the change.  I use old emails from years back for things such as New Years Eve Party and many others so that I don't have to recreate that email and just have to update or change some of the verbiage.  Well, it seems I can no longer do that.  Major problem for me.  Also major problem that I can't copy/paste tables that I create in Microsoft Word for a calendar.  Customers really not happy about that.  Worst of all is the maneuvering required to set up a block.  Old system to add a block and then type verbiage and add images, etc into that block was much easier.  Now having to pick "text block" "image block" and such by using the click and drag function and trying to follow that elusive purple line and so on is very difficult.  Sometimes the drag just starts making the page scroll and won't stop.  Also trying to place a new image beside another one it keeps wanting to replace what is already there, but I didn't ask to replace or change that image.  I just want to place one next to the other one. Old system let me insert an image wherever I wanted to without having to insert a "block" for it or trying to follow purple lines or get the click and drag to behave.  Even adding a divider block is being difficult.  I might not be the smartest cookie on the block, but I taught myself how to use the old system with trial and error.  I didn't have to ask for help.  This new system is a whole different story.  I really hate, hate, hate, hate it.  I, like many others apparently, am in the process of finding a new company. Too bad.  My club has been using Constant Contact for many years. 

Regular Participant
What a time you decide to change your format! I used Legacy emails for the last 12 years. You decide to change and discontinue this during a pandemic and cause me more stress - shame on you
Regular Participant
THIS SUCKS!!!!! i need to send out an email campaign to 8k people tonight, and there is NOBODY available to help. this is such bad business. i need a refund.
Constant Contact no longer has the value it once did. To not be able to access, copy, update legacy emails is a total failure for the service you provide.
I am not allowed to copy a campaign and make minor changes!! This is just wrong!!! I have been doing this for years and you just pull the plug on your clients.
Why was the Copy function removed? It takes a lot longer and and less efficient if I have to re-create an email that was sent a few months ago. Please consider adding that function back for a better user experience. -NAI CIR
Occasional Participant

I think you've done a BRUTAL inconvenience to your customers by disabling the copy feature and forcing people to recreate a template. Its late, I've been traveling all day and your help lines are closed. I use the branded template feature and it sucks. Seriously helpful af. Constant Contact SUCKS.

Search for a campaign, check the box and "Copy" is no where to be found in the pull-down menu. Uncheck the box and there's no pull-down menu at all on the right. Why torture us with this guessing game of how to access new templates? You have any idea how insane this is?
Regular Participant
I absolutely CAN'T STAND the fact that you can't get to emails that are past a certain age. It's incredibly frustrating and really unfortunate. Just added to the list of frustrations with this service.
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Hi @AvonLakeUCC  you are correct access to Legacy Email Campaigns is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! What features are causing you to want to remain in this older editor? We’re always open to ways we can better our user’s experience so any further details is helpful information for us to have!

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