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Why did you get rid of the COPY option for emails? I always copy a previous email to get the same formatting for a new email.

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Hello everyone!


The ability to copy Legacy Newsletter templates has been disabled since we are moving forward with our updated editor and are dedicating resources to making this editor the best it can be. Because of this we would recommend recreating your template in our updated editor. This updated editor does have the ability to be copied. Additionally, we have an article that specifically goes over some of the differences and similarities between the legacy editor and our current one. Feel free to peruse our Knowledge Base for other helpful guides, tutorial videos, tips, and basic troubleshooting assistance regarding the editor.


If you'd like some live, one-on-one guidance and screensharing, our friendly phone support staff would be happy to assist you while you make the transition. They can also collect info on what template(s) you'd like to have transposed into the current editor, or get an order written up if you'd like a wholly different, branded template created.


With that said, are there any features in particular that are causing you to continue copying these Legacy Newsletter Templates? We welcome any feedback about this editor so we can forward your thoughts to our Product team.


I need to get a newsletter out early tomorrow morning.  Imagine my surprise that I can no longer copy my format.   I didn't design the format so I don't have the ability or the graphics to put it together.  Why completely disable this?   Bad move.  Nice of you to let us know.


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What have you done Constant Contact!? You've made my job so difficult!!! I had no problems whatsoever until you did away with the template copying feature. Now I have to rebuild everything - and for the first time since I signed up with C.C., my monthly newsletter will not be sent out on time. I'm so incredibly frustrated.
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I have used your platform to send a simple daily email for years. All of a sudden I can no longer copy the hundreds I have and you have no simple templates similar to my format and want to charge me $79 to create one. I am going to look around at other services.
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I totally agree with you.  why fix something that was not broken?  

I've used this platform since 2007 and now this change has made it very

difficult to move forward and do my business. 

You (CC) are forcing changes on me, and I'm guessing other because of better open rates? or whatever?


I will be forced to move to Mail Chimp, of which I have an account already and learn their system

for my specific needs.  I dont need to learn a whole new one here and lose all of my past work.

Makes no sense.


You, CC, should give each of us the option to stay with the old format.

Very poor business decision on your part.  

What does this mean? "An unexpected error occurred while reading your email: Unexpected error encountered" I can no longer just copy an email already sent in order to construct a new one using the same template. This is making work very difficult now. Why are you making such changes for the worst?
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We use Constant Contact to send an enewsletter each week. We copy the previous enewsletter and edit-- this because some of the information is retained for a few weeks, calendars just have to be updated, etc. What has happened to the Copy function? I don't want to re-write articles each week when I can just modify them!
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Can't copy to send an email.  What's up?

This means I have to start every campaign from scratch. Not good!
I used to be able to copy an old email, then make some changes and updates, and send it again. But that feature seems to be gone? Is there some other way to copy previous emails, or do I now need to create each new email completely from scratch? (Hopefully it's NOT the latter...)

Very unhappy with inability to copy legacy email. After a decade with you, I will shop for a new vendor if the copy legacy email function is not restored.


Poor Business Decision! 

Super annoyed that you have removed the copy feature for emails created under legacy.  Like all of the other users who have already posted on this issue, we use the copy email tool for every campaign that we create as we have numerous email templates that we have built and use on a regular basis.  It is now taking hours to rebuild the templates that we need for immediate use.  If you continue to ignore the needs of your customers, your customers will find the services they need elsewhere.  Do you remember "BlackBerry"?  We will look for a new email marketing service since we have to invest hours rebuilding our email templates.  It makes zero business sense to continue to remain loyal (10+ years)to a company that is out of touch with their customer needs. 





I had a very bad experience this evening (November 5) with attempting to modify an existing campaign for broadcast tonight.

Normally this activity would take me about 10-15 mins. Instead it took me about 2 hours to find out that the “Copy” feature was removed from the editor. I have a series of campaigns I modify and broadcast weekly. All or a sudden I cannot copy and modify a campaign to give a very short notice to a world-wide audience on an update to a webinar.
I called Constant Contact customer support and waited over an hour for someone to respond. Now I’m being told that I must create a new campaign template of on such a short notice with a branded one. Constant Contact did not do this transition to a new Third Generation Editor properly.
I’m being told that email notifications were sent about a new editor. I received too many email to be able to review all of them. And by the way, did the email notifications mention that the “Copy” feature would go away?
It’s not clear to me why various alternative notification methods were use. For example, since I log in weekly could you have posted on the website “homepage” an important notification that some features would change and or go away and give a date when a feature(s) would no longer be available?
If I was aware of this a week or more ago I could have been prepared instead of getting blind-sided tonight (November 5) and don’t have time to transition to the new editor.
Also, this evening I was told by customer support I would received an email explaining what I need to do and provide guidance on transitioning a legacy campaign. That was over an hour ago.   A. Lucas

I need to make a copy from last week's newsletter and edit some content, then publish. But now i can not find COPY function. i try to create new using Recent Templates, select the last week created newsletter, but it giving me an error. try to retry, or login back, without success. try contact Support Team, but closed. 

what can I do now?


error message :

Oops! Something went wrong.


To fix this problem, we suggest that you return to the previous page, then try again.

If that doesn't work, log back in to Constant Contact, then try again.

If you continue to receive this error please contact our Support Team.

As a longtime customer I object in the strongest possible terms your removal of the COPY function in the software change. In our case, we are forced to spend literally hundreds of hours recreating emails that have worked well for us. I consider it business madness for Constant Contact to put this additional burden on businesses such as ours that are struggling to survive during this pandemic

So disappointed and angry with Constant Contact right now. I have been the Director of Administration at 2 different church for the last 20 years. Both of them have used CC and loved the features. That being said, my weekly and other emails were created using the Legacy format. It was intuitive, easy to show staff and volunteers how to use AND ALLOWED US TO COPY a previous email. When I heard that CC was encouraging customers to move to the new format, we tried it out. It was a disaster! Not easy to use, not intuitive, no ability to be creative with placement and it took so long to create everything. So we went back to using the Legacy format. I even called Customer Service on 11.04.20 and specifically asked if we could continue to use Legacy or if that would go away. I was told by a Constant Contact Customer Support employee that we could continue to use the Legacy format we would just have to COPY a previous campaign and then update it. Imagine my surprise to be lied to when this morning 11.07.20 my previous campaigns can no longer to COPIED!! This feature needs to be reinstalled immediately as many of your other customers have also posted. 

Constant Contact feel free to contact me at:


Why can't I use past e-mails as a template? I've built a branded look that my readers expect, and now I can't use it. At a minimum, your new system should generate a replica of my old template. When I try, it keeps having an error message. Oops! Something went wrong. Please fix this ASAP. I need to be able to use my old e-mails - or build me an exact copy that I can easily and quickly use. I'm not happy :frown:
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Our firm has been with CC for ten years.  I've never posted a comment. 


Bring back the COPY feature or I'll cancel my subscription. 


It's not worth it to start over with Constant Contact.


Terrible, terrible product development choice on your part.    

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I'm so frustrated right now with Constant Contact.  Can members please contact me and tell me who the good competitors are since CC did away with the COPY function.  I'm speechless to think about how much time and effort they've just flushed down the toilet.  

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They do not care.  I have wasted literally HOURS waiting on the phone for them and then having them "help" me with the new editor.  They are unapologetic.  My unfortunate conclusion is that other similar companies have editors similar to their "new" editor and therefore switching to a new company will create the same (or more) work for us to switch over than to just stay put.  I have zero respect for a company that unilaterally decides to dismantle the functions we all use like we are kindergartners and will just do as told.  I have recommended CC to many colleagues in the past but NEVER AGAIN.  They will slowly lose their loyal following, but they don't seem to care. 

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We've dropped our spend with CC from over $275/month to $20/month. 


And that is just to see if they bring the COPY feature back. 


In the meantime our marketing department signed up with and have been happy with their service. 


The users need to vote with their marketing spend dollars and go elsewhere.  I see no other choice.  

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