Copying Legacy Newsletter Email into update Newsletter Template

You really should have made it easier to copy my old email to your next generation. Its way to much work. If I have to do all this work I'll just move to !!. The Customer is always right, make it easy for them. Extremely disappointed in your "progress"

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Hi @RickV35 what about our updated email newsletter campaigns do you find difficult to recreate your email? We have an article that specifically goes over some of the differences and similarities between the legacy editor and our current one. Feel free to peruse our Knowledge Base for other helpful guides, tutorial videos, tips, and basic troubleshooting assistance regarding the editor.


If you'd like some live, one-on-one guidance and screensharing, our friendly phone support staff would be happy to assist you while you make the transition. They can also collect info on what template(s) you'd like to have transposed into the current editor, or get an order written up if you'd like a wholly different, branded template created.

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