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Create a way to copy content between campaigns

Create a way to copy content between campaigns

We often send similar content to different audiences in different campaigns. It would be so helpful to be able to copy sections of content from a past campaign to a new one (without losing formatting, links, etc.)


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Since there is no HTML editing capability, the ability to maintain a content library would be the second best solution.  With the Legacy editor, I save HTML in text files to paste into content blocks when needed, e.g. details of an annual event where only the date has changed.  HTML editing enables other functions such as tweaking fonts and spacing but reusing content is the most valuable feature to me.  


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Thanks everyone for commenting on this subject.  There are obviously a lot of us out there designing emails that know how to utilize HTML and are in need of some solution in the Third Generation Editor that allows for us copy/paste already created content into new email campaigns - a content library so to speak, that works in the same way that we can access pictures for any email campaign.  Constant Contact - This can be done.  Since in the Third Generation Editor we can now move entire blocks of content throughout a specific email, we should also be able to either move the blocks to an area where they can be uploaded and saved for future use or return the HTML editor function.  

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Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @ChrisW991,

Awesome ideas! I will be opening this up to voting so other customers can vote and comment on this idea as well!

Allow that we can cutomized a layout and save it configuration to reuse in future situations.
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I'm glad I'm not alone on this.  It would be a huge time saver to copy from one campaign and paste into another.  It would also be great to be able to save content blocks in a library. Example, I run tires on sale frequently. It would be great to have a Michelin tire block, one for Toyo Tires, etc. where I could drag the entire block into a campaign with images, links and all, instead of rebuilding it every time.


Constant Contact - please make this happen.   For every 1 of us that took the time to post it, there are 1,000 others thinking the same thing!  Cheers

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Yeah, SethG93 for commenting on this topic!! It seems that Constant Contact either is not reading this feed and/or lacks the programming foresight to either see the issue from the customer's perspective or attempt a fix. I think the answer is a fairly simple one - either add the ability for us to access the HTML code for each block so that we can copy and paste ourselves, or create a content library for each account, similar to the images library  and documents library we all have now, so that we can save content blocks there as we do images in the images library and pdf's in the documents library.

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@LisaB834 Love the idea of the "content block library" you mentioned functioning the same way as the image library. Could be as simple as clicking on the content block settings on the right (where you can duplicate it) and have an option to "save to content library" and give it a name. That way it is accessible from any campaign, just like the image library.

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Precisely, ChristinaD. Or, if the programming for that is too challenging, then just add the HTML option into each block's options. It's a little more work, but definitely a lot less than the rebuilding of emails we are doing currently. You could then just hit the HTML key, copy the code, open your new email with a new block, paste the code in and viola, everything appears just as you would like it. Hopefully Constant Contact programmers are reading this ...

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Did this function ever get built?    I so need this!



I need this as well.  CC, will this be added any time soon?

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Yes!!!!  Please make it possible to copy a segment from one campaign email to use in another campaign email without copying the whole email.  We have different audiences that receive similar emails.  It is sooooo time consuming to recreate content on four different emails.  Thank you.

Yes - please add this function!  I often remix blocks from different emails into new campaigns and have to copy and/or rebuild each part of that into a new campaign. I would love it if I could copy and paste certain entire sections including dividing lines, buttons with links etc. directly from one campaign into another.  This would be enormously helpful!

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Thank you SRVAssociations and InstituteofNonProfitLeadership for commenting on my post.  It sounds like your organizations use email communication in a similar way to our Chamber. I just sent an eBlast today that took much longer than it should have to pull together, as I had to have two windows open, cut and paste and input information that had already been designed in previous emails. Very frustrating. Hope Constant Contact is paying attention to this thread. 


I have been asking for this for years...Unfortunately, nothing yet.

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One more vote for savable blocks that we can just pop into a new email.

I used to do this with HTML but it sounds like that's not an option anymore.

Does anyone know if   allows this?


Is anybody else as angry as I am about the lack of ability to copy an entire block from one campaign to another? I am constantly having to re-create blocks or trying to scan through my dozens of prior campaigns to find one that is similar. This is a horrible waste of time!! Ridiculous that this is not available. 

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Not sure if this is the ideal solution, but as a workaround, can't you just copy the email with the desired blocks and purge what you don't want to use?