Created date vs. Sent date

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In the Campaigns area, emails used to show their sent date. That was helpful to be able to quickly see when an email campaign was sent. Now it shows the date the email was created. Not quite as helpful if I created the email in advance. I'd like to re-see the ability to have it show the campaign sent date.
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Hi @Pieter were the campaigns showing the date it was created sent or still in draft?


Hi @Frankie_P - thank you for your reply. I have attached a screenshot. It shows a few recent campaigns that have been sent, but they are still listed as the date they were created [all of the campaigns on the screenshot were sent on May 10]. I do remember how it used to show the created date while in draft form [which was helpful!] and then the sent date after it was sent [which was also helpful!]. I tried changing the sort from "Last Modified" to "New-Old" and the campaigns still just show created date [even for the sent ones]. Thank you again for helping me/us!


I have noticed every campaign shows now the Creation date on the main menu. Honestly this is very impractical to me. it was more useful when you had tghe sent date. I strongly suggest you to go back to that view or to tell me how to order my campaings by sending date
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Hi @Pieter thank you for responding with these details! We have opened this feature request up so other users can weigh in as well.


Hey @Frankie_P - thank you for opening it up for voting. I didn't realize it was a feature change, I just figured it was something broke that would need to get fixed! Glad we can all vote on getting it back to how it was before.


Hi @MKTSIASA - I totally agree with you and I really hope enough people comment on this thread so that we can get it back to the way it was before! Thank you for chiming in!


@Frankie_P - I'm really hoping y'all will switch it back! Today I just noticed that drafts now show the date they're scheduled [before this change, I believe they showed created date or last edit date]. So now the sent emails show when they were created and the draft emails show when they're scheduled to send. That makes me think someone accidentally switched something since the drafts now show what the sents used to show and the sents now show what the drafts used to show. I'm okay with the drafts showing when they're scheduled to send, but I really look forward to y'all putting it back so that we can see when a sent email was sent. Having a created date on a sent email doesn't help! 


@Frankie_P - The more I sit with it, the more disappointed I am becoming with this change. I still think perhaps it was an error - can you explain why the change was made? Maybe that will help it make more sense...  So here's my most recent frustration: the search function. I was hoping that, since I can't scroll back through the campaign sent date, perhaps I could look up a campaign. But when I do that, the most recent campaign in the search results is from last April. No, not April 2020, but April 2019. I'm sure you can understand the frustration with trying to find a campaign, knowing about when it was sent, but not being able to find it in search and having to go page by page in the campaign list to try and find it because I don't remember when I created it [and even then, it's not sorted by created date - it's sorted by sent date...yet sent date isn't visible!]. Definitely please help me understand and explain why the change was made. I'm hoping that will help me make sense of it! Thank you Frankie.


Hi @Pieter we apologize for any inconvenience caused from this change! While we can't speak specifically to why the change was made, we are tracking requests about the display of the text. As for your experience with searching, you do also have the option of using the calendar view of your campaigns or searching by campaign name under the Reporting tab of your account. This reporting section shows the sent date of your campaign as well.


Hi @Frankie_P Thank you for letting me know other places I can go to find the information I used to find in the Campaigns tab. I just looked at the Reporting tab and that will be helpful to be able to find by date and search by name. That will work for now while y'all are tracking results to the other change!

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