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While creating an email I noticed a few changes that frustrated me. I using my iPad, which I realized isn't the preferred method in creating an email through your system but sometimes all I have available. I could no longer drag images or new text over to the template it was like there was a wall between the editing options and the email I was trying to create. When I went to try and add a photo I was frustrated cause it wouldn't let me scroll down to click the "download image" button. These are not issues I have had previously there must have been an edit made to your website. When finally I switched to my husband's computer it went much smoother. However the option to check my links prior to sending out the email was no longer there and I always like doing that. I would appreciate if these things were changed back to make your site more user friendly. Thanks.
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Hi @JessicaL6981 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Are you working on your iPad through the Constant Contact mobile app, or your web browser app?

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