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Under the Email tab, it would be helpful to know the subject name of the email sent. For me I go back and sometimes resend emails on a later date. If the subject was easily visible, it would speed things up for me. Also, adding in more fonts to choose from when creating an email.


Here are several suggestions:


1) When I want to follow up on a campaign to those who are "maybe" coming, I'd like the option to send just an email through my own email server asking them to let me know if they have decided.  There is no option other than pre-made campaigns to follow up with those people.

2) Please give me/us the option to enlarge the screen that shows the people who have responded.  The screen is tiny and you have to scroll to see all of the information.  I'd love to increase the size of the box on any secondary screen.

3) Can you have an option that the sender of the campaign be notified when someone has responded to the campaign.  In larger campaigns (lots of participants) someone may not want to get notified everytime, but on smaller ones, it would be nice to have the option to notify by text or email that you've gotten a response to a campaign.

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