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I'd like to have a custom coded email template that works with the automated email.
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We are closing voting on this topic not enough votes to keep it open.

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Can this thread be reopened for voting as we'd like to have this feature. We use some dynamic images in our templates that are only possible with custom code emails, and we want to send these messages as part of an automation series. Would really benefit from being able to select a custom code email to be part of an automation.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @user83888 how are you looking to use these dynamic images in your automated campaigns? We have also re-opened this idea so other users can weigh in on this feature request.

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Hi @Frankie_P  - we use a PHP script on our website to dynamically generate membership cards using the name and member ID of donors at a certain level. In a custom code email we insert these contact fields into the <img> tag, so for example the tag would look like:


<img src="[contact_field_name]&id=[contact_field_id]">


 If we're able to use these in an automated email, we'd be able to send these to people automatically as they are added to a particular list.


So essentially my request would be solved either by 

1. being able to use custom code emails in an automation; or

2. being able to insert contact details into the src of images in the regular drag-and-drop editor

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