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Customizable home screen?

Customizable home screen?

It would be great if we could customize the home screen. Or, at the very least, when I'm working in the Campaign Drafts screen, when I close a draft to go back to the Campaign Drafts screen and NOT the home screen which has a handful of campaigns of different ilks (draft, scheduled, sent) and a click rate summary taking up a huge slice of real estate at the top of the screen. If I'm working in Drafts, bring me back to DRAFTS. There are now far too many click-click-clicks to get back to where I need to be. It's very inefficient, and I hope you can fix this, soon.

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Could we please make this happen soon?? The endless, *needless* click-click-clicking to get back ONE screen to the drafts email list is very frustrating, and so time consuming. I don't care if anyone else actually *votes* for this, I think it is a logical thing to fix. Please, Constant Contact, I'm losing patience.

Thank you

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We are closing voting on this topic not enough votes to keep it open.