Default Font Option

Default Font Option

Please create a default font option, so that we don't have to keep applying/re-applying a font style. Also, there appears to be a glitch where the styles don't get applied sometimes, forcing us to check the "preview" multiple times. Please fix those as well.

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I agree. If I decide that I want to use a specific font in all of my messages, why do I have to choose and re-choose it every time I make a new block?

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Thank you for the great feedback @JasonE235,


We recently have released a global font option which can be found under the "Design" tab in your editor.  At this time you will only see this option if you create a new email-- but we are working to roll it out for any campaigns that you copy, too.


You can see how it works in this article under Style a Link:


Let me know if you have any questions!

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No, there is nothing like that in my Design tab, just the draft I've set to "preview" six times now, trying to get the software to accept my ALL-Times-Roman choices, ALL the time!!!!!


This is inane. Even MSW has a half a brain to remember this stuff. Waste of my time.


And my boss wants me to do more of these. I'm NOT looking forward to that.




DLa Rue

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Agreed. See my note below.


If we can put a space capsule on the moon...