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I am new to Constant Contact but find it beyond frustrating that when creating a newsletter or any document actually there is no "tab" option. I don't understand why it would be THAT difficult to give a tab option. It really seems minor in comparison and easy to do. Please consider adding's beyond frustrating!!!!!!!!
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@DianeB4507 this is a good idea and I understand your frustration.  I have opened the idea up for voting.

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Where did anchors go?  I need to link from table of content items to the items themselves!!!  Why did you break what wasn't broken?

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If, by "Tab", you mean a line indent, then I agree with this and actually posted the same request just yesterday.

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At this point I would accept being able to use 4 spaces in a row, but the editor deletes redundant spaces.
Just please do something - anything - about this. This is unacceptable.

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