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I've been using Constant Contact for years (I originally used another provider, and requested the company I worked for at the time switch to CC), and I have recommended your product to companies I work for as well as to clients. I now find myself in the position of recommending clients switch over to another provider because of your recent changes. I find your new product much less flexible and far less user-friendly. Tonight, for example, I was trying to upload a photo. I uploaded it four times and it did not appear anywhere, even when I searched on it by name. I refreshed, and still no luck. I closed out of the program and when I went back in, there it was four times. I also find that it appears I can no longer wrap text, or exclude a headline and align the photo to the top of the text box. The text options box often covers the text. I kept wondering, "Is it that I don't know this program well enough to find workarounds?" But why should I find workarounds when your former program did exactly what I needed, and another provider still does it, and for less. I seldom write companies unless a product is superior, or it has some serious flaws. I WISH I were writing to compliment you on the rollout of the new design. I really WOULD like to know what feedback you received from users that would have caused you to roll out this new iteration. Thank you, Carol White Llewellyn CWhiteLlewellyn@msn.com

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Hello @JustinC303. Thank you for the detailed feedback.  We discontinued usage of our legacy editor to improve the overall functionality and the goal of all of our templates becoming mobile responsive, which the legacy editor would not have been able to provide. Supporting an outdated product took resources away from creating a better editor that everyone could use. I'm sorry if you feel the product is not user-friendly as this was not our goal.


Uploading photo:
This has been noted by a few customers, but it is not a widespread issue, meaning that it may be related to a browser or connectivity issue. It sounds like this maybe the case You said you refreshed the page and did not see the photo. Did you leave the Library tab completely and go back in?

Text wrapping:

This layout is possible using article blocks that are located under Build > Layout. Once the article block is inserted, click and drag the image into the text area until the pink shadow shows as wrapping within the text block.



This usually happens in browsers that have a zoom setting turned on or having very long text blocks. If this is not the case, it's best to contact our support team who can do a screen share and see exactly what's going on when you are working in the email. They are also more than happy to assist you with layout or design questions. 

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