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The new editor is horrible. You can't do a fraction of the things you used to be able to do.

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Images are difficult to insert, can't' insert into specific spots, can't use images as links very disappointed
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Can't removed template text boxes within larger boxes. Only certain things can have colours changed for branding. Overall difficult and not intuitive to use and very minimilistic options compared to main templates. very disappointed

I appreciate the feedback! We're currently working on some features that will make it easier to add/remove content and images in blocks. 


Linking images: When you click on an image, there's an "Insert Link" icon that should allow you to link any image in your template. Please let me know if this isn't working for you.

image-editor - Copy.PNG


Color issues: If you have a moment, I'd love to get your perspective on your preferences on color-editing. Please feel free to respond back to this post or direct message me. We're working on some improvements to the way that color-editing works, so any and all feedback is very welcome.



I have to say I absolutely HATE the new editor and new template construction. Please PLEASE keep access to the standard way we create emails that is currently in place.
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@MICHAELHADDONH Thanks for the feedback. If possible, can you please provide some specific problems within the new editor that you experienced? This will greatly help us to improve the product. 

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Cannot make it my own. Awful. Redoing the project now because my director wants simple things addressed and cannot make the changes. Thank you.
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@MegV Thanks for the feedback. Can you please provide some more information about what things you tried to change (but couldn't)? This would be very helpful for us to improve the edit experience.

The formatting toolbar seems to stay in the way all the time. The new mobile friendly template has been changed. I like the old template builder style better. The sidebar and formatting bar were easier to use and never placed overtop the text I am trying to work on.
What is going on this morning. The CTCT servers are frustratingly SLOW today.

Hi @ThomasB622

I am sorry to hear you were experiencing slowness--are you still having this problem?


If so, can you help with some details?

- Are you seeing any error messages?

- What browser are you working in? Do you have another you could test?



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Overall the look is cleaner but the functionality didn't improve in my opinion. -Maybe I'm blind, but I can't figure out how to edit the border -I wanted to edit the footer and take out a space after the social media icons but it doesn't let me open up the block like the old version. -there should be a way to select all the text in the email and change font, color, etc.
Haven't used the CC service for about 5 years. While the old editor had problems it was much more usable than this new software. Buttons, color back grounding, and features useful in design of page were available and easy to use. MS
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first time I've tried to use the "new/old" templates and would rather go back to the old ones. I can't tell you how many times I would get the "oops" box - mid sentence. That was after saving each paragraph. Didn't realize you can't actually write in this new template.

Hi @leadershipNhorses

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with editing your template. Are you getting the oops error when you paste in content or take any specific action or does it just appear while you are typing?


What is the name of the email you are working on so I can take a look at the details?

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it would happen while I was typing - it's my most recent email scheduled to go out today.


I realise now that I chose one of the beta templates and should have understood that beta means not 100% so that is simply a bug to add to the list I guess. 






Thanks for posting! Can you tell me more about the features you are looking for? Do you want to add more buttons than the one you are seeing?

I opened a Constant Contact account for my mother to use for her women's group, and I couldn't understand why the editing interface was different than mine. I called technical support and they explained that everyone will be getting this new editor soon- and I told them if that's the case, I might be leaving Constant Contact after using the service for over 5 years. This thing is horrible. While I understand it seems more user friendly for people that haven't used the service before, but if you have experience with the old editor, this new thing is just unusable: - No option to put in a header bar, and you can't even stretch images across the whole top. - No way to justify images - No way to insert a pdf as an image - 3/4 of the block formats are missing - No way to put in a divider that takes out the top background and just shows the design beneath And probably a million other things I haven't found yet. I STRONGLY urge you to allow the user to select the old editor after you fully roll out the new system, because this new thing is just horrifying, and as I said, you will lose customers.

Hi @FrancineP11

Thanks for posting this feedback! I'm sorry that the new experience isn't working for you. I'm going to go ahead and send an email to the address we have on file with some options for you.



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Hi, I recommended to my entire firm that we change from our old provider to Constant Contact, because the system seemed a lot better. Sadly we signed up to the new system, which seems to still be in beta or testing mode. We don't have anywhere near the amount of flexibility in designing emails, we don't have the option for adding a google analytics code which is essential to any good marketing campaign, the reporting function doesn't allow you to add contacts to a new list or manage your contacts, despite it appearing that the functionality should exist, and tonight I discover there's a bug which means that if you copy an existing email, it constantly crashes. You should NOT have released this version to your customers in BETA form - it's not ready to use and will drive customers away. I'm seriously considering recommending we close the account and revert to our old provider, which is extremely embarrassing.

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That BETA tag has been listed like that for well over a year.

They aren't in beta test at all. 


"Plausible Deniability"



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