Dislike New Editor

The new editor is horrible. You can't do a fraction of the things you used to be able to do.


HI @HelenW

Thanks for the feedback! The new editor has been an active editor  (no longer beta) for several months now. It is designed to be quick and easy so you might notice some differences like you mentioned. We're working to implement the features you are requesting so stay tuned!

I HATE HATE HATE the new dashboard - unbelievable. SO unintuitive - I can't find anything, you'd never know I was advanced at this!!!! I am frustrated. I have used CC for many many years - and signed up multiple clients in my marketing company as well. To suddenly be lost in my own dashboard is insane. I don't see the Paypal integration either - what the heck! THAT is not helpful.

Hi @BarbaraW53

Sorry to hear you don't like the updates-- are you having trouble finding something specific or do you find that there is one area that is harder to search through? Are you looking to incorporate Paypal into your email or events?




Hi @JesseJ76

I am sorry to hear of the frustrations! Can you tell me more about the features you are looking for?

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The site is rather slow. Maybe it's time for CC to get new, faster servers?

HI @EverettL

Thanks for letting us know about this. Can you help me with some details so I can try to see the slowness you are?


- What browser are you working in?

- Do you see any errors?

- Any screrens or actions slower than others?

- Where are you located? (Country/state is fine!)

- Who is your ISP?


Thank you!

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IE 11

No errors

All pages are slow to load.

USA, New York, NY

Verizon FIOS

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I don't like the new version of Constant Contact. It is very bulky, hard to use, and the script is full of bugs. I wish you did not change it.
Greetings, The new UI looks nice but as a user for years now, there are some major functionalities that i can't either find or they have been lost. When sorting "sent" campaigns from New-Old, they aren't coming up in order... This is a HUGE necessity for my business when i need to quickly respond to a client to let them know their campaign has been sent. & There used to be a social media campaign menu link where I can see all of my social media campaigns... now i have to find it within the actual email campaign. Because my business is an email marketing business... i send out several of the same exact email with same titles and subjects so this functionality loss has made it difficult for me to find which campaign i created the social media campaign out of, thereby slowing down my response to clients when asked. Can these functionalities be put back? I look forward to hearing back from you, Cassie
I don't come to your site for a 20 minute commercial. I'm trying create a specific email. I understand you want people to know about your new features but when I can't find the menu or template and all I'm doing spending my time clicking on anything that might possibly get me where I need to go, I get very frustrated with the whole process.
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Since they are continuing to move folks to the "new experience" the load times are increasing for sure.

On average to load the whole "experience" with background music takes about 35 seconds where it used to take 10 seconds.




I can't stand the new website, and I'm clearly not in the minority with my options for "describe your feedback." I find it horribly hard to read and navigate around. There is way too much white space and it doesn't make any sense. It was also sadly not mobile app compatible when I used my phone to access it, which is almost ironic considering how much you post about need to send mobile friendly emails. I would suggest going back to the drawing board on the new design.

Hi @AlionaO

I am sorry to hear this, can you tell me more about what bugs you are finding?



Never had a problem before the website changed. Now it's way too slow
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Hey, thanks for telling us your were going to change your old slow website. It is still soooooo slow. How do I see the thumbnails of the post emails? I use them all the time to recognize the emails I have sent. JB
System locks up now and then. Where is the sort button? Are you ready to got back to old system? Its much better back then. This is hell.
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Do you run speed tests on ConstantContact ? I have no issue with most other websites but CC often/much of the time runs very slowly and it's painful at times to work on a campaign because I wait and wait and wait.

Hi @MarieP36

I am sorry to hear of this frustration, can you tell me about when this slowness happens? Are you trying to load more campaigns or is this all the time? What browser are you working in? Does it seem about the same speed in another browser?



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The new layout definetly has a cleaner look, but is SO SLOW to load everything!  Please address this user frustration.  Additionally, every time I go to login I have to wait through/re login through 3 different landing pages.  What gives?

Hi, We thought you should know your new site/layout is aweful! It's horrendously slow, doesn't list sent campaigns in order and even trying to use this feedback form was a challenge.
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