Dislike New Editor

The new editor is horrible. You can't do a fraction of the things you used to be able to do.

I absolutely do not like the new changes and how they have reorganized everything. The way that I had scheduled my visits (campaigns) for the next 3 months was due to how the previous interface was designed. Had I known this change was coming I would not have set them up this way.
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I understand that Constant Contact changed its editor capabilities, but I'm very frustrated and disappointed with the new editor. I can no longer accomplish simple editing tasks such as indentation and making sub-bullets within a list. This is extremely frustrating for the user. I can't accomplish simple tasks that are capable in Word. Thank you for your consideration. Chelsea
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I do not like it. Why did you change this without asking us first? I do not have the time or interest to learn a new way to do everything - and yet you are now forcing me to do so.
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Is unworkable on an android phone - can't access anything!
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Doesn't work on android phone at all
DON'T LIKE IT. Restoring deleted emails take so much longer now, it saw long before, now it takes forever. Not happy at all.

I have been a customer for over ten years. This "new" editor is THE WORST. The only thing that has kept me from changing all 40+ of my accounts over is the fact that I have very few of the new accounts. That's okay, I can just close the new ones and move them first. You just made it that much easier.

The fact that you make it easy to post a comment on THIS forum in html but make it impossible for me to add a trademark symbol in a text box is ludicrous.

Bring back the old editor or I am leaving.



How can I make a table with the new editor? Used to be so easy.

I have been a subscriber to Constant Contact on behalf of two non-profits prior to this year. What a shock it has been to return to what I considered to be a wonderful marketing and communication tool! I remember CC as having tremendous capability in adding and amending items, formatting, creating links, etc. This operational model reminds me of the old aol system. There is no flexibility in design, the pop-up task bar is a annoying, and the choices for inserting items is very limited. I miss the old Constant Contact; I am ready to dump this one.
  • Things that I wish were easy in CC:
    • this.
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Call and ask them to change you back to the old system, not the mobile friendly one.  I had same problem...and told them, too that they should give people a choice.  70% of our subscribers view on a desktop, not their phone.  They can do it. 

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I just closed my chat with support.  Not only is the new editor more expensive with less options (no more paypal buttons, no more Amazon book links, no more google analytics - although they keep saying you have this if you have a landing page URL with those things already on it!  Ha!  Then why would we need Constant Contact!?) but support person appears to be either brain dead or trained to beat around the bush rather than admit that constant contact has taken out a bunch of good things they used to offer.


Really dislike the new editor. I can't format text the way I want, I can't place images where I want, I can't view anything in HTML, and the list goes on. All in all, this isn't an improvement. It might help the casual user who is fine with predefined templates, but for someone that is used to customizing this is terrible. I'm wondering if this isn't a cash grab since CC is prominently offering to "customize a design" if I don't see what I want. More like, "This won't work except in very narrow formats, but we'll be happy to take your money for something you used to be able to do on your own." 


I can't even justify text in a text block! The button simply doesn't work - it will centre the text, left align, right align, but justify doesn't work. And unlike the old editor where I could open the html version and use code to do what I need, I don't even have that option here.

Also, where is the social share bar? There's only the one for people to like our FB page etc., but how to give people the option to share the newsletter on their own social media? Easy in the old editor.

Seriously - fail, fail, fail.

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I completely agree. I cannot for the life of me insert an image where I want it. It defaults to the beginning of the email. 


Plus the menu bar blocks what I'm trying to see when I edit. 


things should get MORE user friendly, not LESS


The fact that we keep complaining and CC staff keeps ignoring us speaks volumes. Looks like they won't fix anything until we all leave.

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I am so very dissapointed in Constant Contact. Not only did they comepletely redesign their editor they made it harder to use and it does less. The word I got was that the old one was old and had a lot of bugs -- maybe -- but 1)I didn't see any & 2) it could have been fixed without completely changing it. It is just rude to throw that out there. Now the editor only does about 1/3 of what it used to do & it takes me 4 hours to do what 1 hour used to. Just because something is new doesn't make it better. And I am the customer paying for this. . . it may be that I begin looking for something else.
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I too really dislike the new editor. I'm only just starting and already I've got too many problems to deal with. I use Constant Contact because it is supposed to make my life easier, not more difficult! No access to html code, inability to add a table are the first 2 things I noticed in the first few minutes of attempting to create a new template for our use. 


What is the downside/risks to just sending emails using the old editor? Is that still a viable option?

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The new editor is terrible. There is no access to coding with the html editor. Please allow the option of using the old editor. The new format is difficult for designing. 



I'm surprised the company is allowing so many important complaints to go unaddressed.  Something changed somewhere along the way!

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