Dislike New Editor

The new editor is horrible. You can't do a fraction of the things you used to be able to do.

Consulting & Training
It seems that since you changed the home page, the load time for your site has significantly increased.
I see the new (more expensive) interface is much slower than the old. Is there any way I can 'opt out'? I would be happy to even pay the new rate if I could get the old interface. Now I am paying more and having a worse experience. I guess it is time to look elsewhere?
Occasional Participant
I honestly cannot believe how slow this new platform runs on Google Chrome, and it won't even open in Explorer. What were you thinking? I use Constant Contact 5 days a week and may have to switch to another provider if this issue isn't fixed in the next week or so. I don't have one hour to spend loading a single campaign while it chugs along as though I'm working on Windows XP instead of Windows 10. HELP!!!

Just emailed a lengthy summary of issues....new interface is much worse, my patient survey data is no where to be found on any page, was promised a call/resolution 24-48 hours on July 9th....it is now July 19!  


What will it take to receive a response and resolution/


Something looks to have gone bad at CC....after more than 10 years, maybe time to switch?



Editing in HTML is never an entirely pleasant experience, but with your web site changes it has become a major chore to get anything done; a total PITA actually. I suspect that you are getting plenty of feedback about how slow the site is to respond. My guess is that you have added significant processing overhead, for that rich look and feel that people seem to want. For me, keep it simple and make it work without all the delays. Just my $0.02.
The new UI takes a long time to load. You should be able to search for your email campaign by title, the way it is currently set up is time consuming.

I completely agree! The new look is sleak but so incredibly slow!!! I would also rather see the current campaigns rather than ones that are already done.

Regular Participant
For the last few weeks I have tried to use your site to manage our email campaigns but it is always very slow. I need to get my work done. It is not our bandwidth speed as I always check that first. If it does not improve 110% I will recommend to my manager that we go with another email contact provider.
The new UI is terribly slow. I had to kill the page three times just to write this feedback. All of the sudden I have all my files in one folder and have to sort hundreds of campaigns... not effective.
I love and rely on constant contact a lot. The load times for every page and edit is incredibly slow lately, making me dread when I have to use it! What's up?

Maybe it is just me, but I feel the new design is a little messy. It feels like there are buttons everywhere and it is not that intuitive to know what to click on.


I would suggest a little more user friendly Admin layout for your next design update.



I hate the new display. Not easy to find the info I want without extra steps. While I'm giving feedback, I also much preferred the old display for the campaign. The improvements aren't that, for me.
Occasional Participant
Not liking the new design. I liked what you had. It was much easier to navigate and I miss the thumbnail that use to be present very much. We are a Floral business and see what was previously sent by the thumbnail was extreemly useful when deciding to copy or create a new promo. I hope you will put it back on. Thanks.
Regular Participant
Can't you leave well enough alone? Time to find a new mail service....
The new website format is so slow I can barely use it. In addition, you need to add a search function to look through campaigns. It is too slow otherwise.
Occasional Participant
The new format is SLOW and it sucks. NO thumbnails on past emails which makes it hard to navigate and resend and email. When i do find the email and want to hit the RESEND button, you STILL only have two choices and not the most important one, just resend to whatever group you want. I then have to "copy the email" that was hard to find and do it the original way. This should be an option without the steps.
I hate this front page - before when I went into the site I could right away choose my emails or input contacts, now I have to go through a bunch of steps to figure out how to get back there. I don't often make new emails, just update or copy and update older ones so this new home page is extremely frustrating!
Occasional Participant

With the new format change that was recently released, there is an issue, when we click in and out of editing emails, the old system used to go back to whatever folder view we had open at the time. Now it goes back to a clean slate and shows the campaigns homepage, not which folder or view we had previously. 


Is it posible to revert back so that once we click out of editing an email, the privious view is still there? 


Example: I click "Folder A" and only campaigns for Folder A are visible on screen. I click on and edit one of those emails in Folder A, save, then Close. The screen view will go back to only the emails in Folder A that I had preiviously clicked on.


The old system used to do this and it saves time, if you need to go back into the same email campaign.  


Thank you!! 

Don't like the new format. Unable to figure it out. What was wrong with the previous format? Colors and reports are confusing. Don't try to fix what was good in the first place.
Consulting & Training
I don't know about others - but the new changes have really hindered my use of Constant Contact. I send e-mails every day -not just once in awhile. # I used to be able to see the day of the week - and a picture of the campaign I had sent...now I can't. We send specific offers on Mon. or on Sun. It was helpful to see the day of the week and a small picture of the former campaign so I could use it again.
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