Dislike New Editor

The new editor is horrible. You can't do a fraction of the things you used to be able to do.

Occasional Participant

I have used CC since 2011.


Besides the increase in price, this new version is absolutely awful. Fine for the very basic user I suppose, but all the flexibility is totally gone for more advanced users. You are messing with your best customers.

Was this version tested on real users? 

Where is the HTML? Why would you ever take that away?

Adding insult to injury, I see few CC answers to user comments...I'm about to start my search for something else. 

Health Practitioners & Centers

Anyone else notice that CC doesn't seem to get the idea? All these posts in all these areas and they're pretty much ignored. I have been using CC for emails and events for over 6 years. During that time, I've complained about the Event Landing page at least 7 or 8 times. Think anything has changed? Nope.  I can't even format my content now so that it matches what it looks like in the Edit mode. The second I hit "Save" the format changes. There is so much extra spacing between bullet items and new paragraphs that it's a joke. The reader has to scroll far more than is neccesary just to get past all the wasted line spacing.  Also, the landing page editor lacks many of the features available in the Email section. 


CC tells me that the landing page section is/was developed by "someone else" and therefore, is not quite the same. BUT they tell me, "we're working on it." Yeah, first heard that 6 years ago. Here I am still complaining. I used to love CC but it's going downhill and my love is fading.

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I noticed that many of the tools I use when creating new emails with your templates have been removed. Some of the basica Rich Text options that were there before have been taken off and limited the amount of customizing and creativity we can put in our emails. There's more text options to fill out this form, than there are when editing text in an email. Options like html edit options for text blocks or the ability to change the background color of a box have been removed. Or the ability to customize a text link to not show the underline. 

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this update is horrible you should have took your customers and the fact it was user friendly in to consideration in the new design. This is horrible and 10 steps to do the easiest things is ridiculous
I very much dislike the new layout. I have multiple emails that I need to go back in history and reference and the campaigns never load properly. The giant box display for each campaign will only let me see a few at a time... having a hard time adjusting!
Really not loving the new format. Can we choose to use the old one?
The previous online interface wasn't great. This one is horrendous.
I gotta say, I really do not care for the new format. I prefer the previous version
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hate it! now i have to spent more time trying to figure out what i already new...how to make a new ad. this is not helpful, i'll look for a different company to work with , contant contact isn't listening.
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you have a terrible site. its so frustrating with all the glitches. we will be switching to 


Why were the options removed during the last upgrade?  The upgrade actually took away features that help make the emails more creative, ex Border options, formatting and design.  I was able to revert back to the older version but was told I will lose it again.  Makes no sense to do an upgrade and remove functionality.

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I don't know why the old system wasn't retained and subscribers offered a choice between which they wanted to use. I started using CC over 4 years ago for another NFP: Greater Northwest Chicago Dev.Corp. I spent time learning and using to the full extent. I left them in August. I opened a CC acount for the NFP I am working with now. The new system is appalling....mostly aimed at those whose lives are enclosed in their smart phones. Both at GNCDC and the Venture Hub....70-80% are businesses who opened and open emails on their desktops. The new system holds no flexibility. I don't know why the old system wasn't retained and subscribers offered a choice between which they wanted to use. I am looking into the top ten similar systems....I hear Mad Mimi is pretty flexible.

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In an attempt to simplify the email editing tools, CC has taken away so much that made their service useful in the first place.

This is a change that has crippled my ability to use your service. It's very frustrating.


Issues are:

No more HTML editing

No ability to place an image at specific locations within a block of text

No ability to color the background of specific boxes, or you're calling them "builds" now

No ability to change the justification of images within a build



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I don't know why they didn't offer both...instead of making all of us use the kindergarten version.  But I'm looking elsewhere and there are others...I suggest you Google alternatives to CC or this link which compares all http://blog.capterra.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/MailChimp-Comparison-Chart-x2-1.png

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A lot of editing tools have been removed which has made using CC a lot harder. For example, being able to change background color to a frame, accessing the HTML, etc, made editing a lot easier. It would be great if you could restore the tools we had before. Thanks.
This new layout really sucks, and makes no sense... you have made all the sections way harder to access, and forcing everyone to make a number of extra clicks to find what used to be easy and straight forward. I cannot understand why every time you update your site, all of what was easy to see and access is now buried and harder to access. Is anyone in charge? Does anyone focus on user friendliness? It sure looks like you either never think of these things, or just keep trying to be trendy and slick, which sacrificing convenience and ease of use. I will no longer recommend this site and service to others.
i think this new interface is horrible
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These constant changes are making it difficult to work with this program. Everytime I send out a newsletter I have to figure things out. It just gets too time consuming.
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What a maze like mess, I dread working with CC now. Charles Main PRI Management
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