Dislike New Editor

The new editor is horrible. You can't do a fraction of the things you used to be able to do.

Regular Participant

I also dislike the new editor. NOT user friendly. I can't even add my own 'footer!' My newsletter in the old editor laid out nicely on the mobile phones. Now it stacks every dang email no matter which template is chosen!


I am not a computer guru, but I have been successfully using the Constant Contact 2nd gen. editor for a number of years. I have now been forced to redesign our newsletter to fit this horrid new editor. After many hours of frustration, I now believe that it is not worth it. 


Again, I'm no html programmer, but why would they make it difficult or nearly impossible to accomplish tasks that were so easily and intuitively done in the past? 


I was able to partially recreate our weekly email format after many hours of frustration, but now find that the editor itself appears to have bugs. In some instances, when selecting colors in the Design window, one must scroll to the very bottom of the window to specify colors in hexadecimal format. I have tried to do this in Safari and Firefox, and in each browser the cursor seems to slip off the narrow scroll bar at the bottom- which drops you out of the color selection mode. Nothing I have tried will solve this.


We have been happy to work with Constant Contact for many years- but now I fear it is time to look for another platform.

Regular Participant

It's called 'dumbing down'......and imho it's to accomodate cellphones.  70% of my audience use desktops.  I don't understand why there can't be two platforms and we choose.  I have that option with my website on WIX. 

I'm a fairly new user so I probably never used the "old" format. But now when I'm trying to edit some text, the helpful editing options pop up and cover the text that I'm trying to work with. Can I change this?

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