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I would like to be able to choose from a few different styles of buttons. In one of your mobile-friendly newsletter templates (It has a blue and orange theme and a featured story/news with a picture, etc.) there is a square button at the bottom for "Contact Us"...which I cannot change the style of. Then if I add other buttons, they have rounded corners...also, adding another button forces a new block, why am I not able to add a button to an existing block? I cannot change the background color for the social share block, I don't see why a white background (or any color I choose) isn't available. Also, I would like to be able to create my own custom dividers, and other graphics. For example, in one of your other mobile templates, there is a divider that has two horizontal lines with a break in the middle for a small graphic (three squares or diamonds or something). I would like to make a custom single line divider with three little buckeyes or a buckeye leaf in the middle of it (since we are Ohio State). The padding for each section should be adjustable. I am trying to add a date and our URL at the top, right underneath the logo at the top, but the forced padding for both the logo and the "pre-header" tool that I am using for the date and URL are making things just look really awkward. One last point, I think that you should make all of the blocks available to any newsletter template, because we may be able to personally customize them for our own needs. There is a block in one of the templates that allows for three pictures and short descriptions underneath. That is not available in most of the templates (even the blank template?). I think it makes sense for the less tech savvy users to keep things as limited as possible, however you could divide the blocks that are "recommended" for the them, and then add "other blocks" in a separate section below or something so that people realize that unless they know how to edit them, that they are not within the intended design of the template. I do appreciate that you need to keep things as fool proof as possible when you are making these designs work and look good in a mobile environment as well, but I do think that it is important to be able to customize things a little bit more than what is currently available.


Hi, I'm relatively new to CC and started using it shortly before the big revamp. 

Since I didn't use the old version for too long before the change I can't quite pinpoint what to bring back from the old format to the new. 

However, now that i've been more familiarized I'm still frustrated at a few items: 


  • Issue: All Campaigns page: The point of having folders is useless when campaigns are sorted into folders, but still show up on the main 'campaigns list' and to make matters more difficult, there is no note next to campaigns when they have been sorted into folders.

          Solution:  Since some users have pages of old campaign history, at least make a note when a campaign has been sorted into a folder.  Ideally remove sorted campaigns from 'all campaigns' list to help the user keep it more organized... similar to how an email program works.  Or at the very very minimum reinstate page numbers at the bottom to quickly jump through old campaigns


  • Issue: Immediate login page: the first box (the larger box at the top of the page upon login contains a previous campaign I had sent out... but it's not the most recent. (looks like it's based on the most recent campaign made AND sent out). 

         Solution: Keep the box there, but show the most recent campaign sent (regardless of when it was made).


  • Other Suggestions:
    • Reinstate the option to favorite templates
    • Reinstate the ability to quickly change campaign names
    • Reinstate the ability to quick preview campaign
    • Reinstate weekend support
    • Be able to edit old campaign names

Thank you!

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Carol FishmanC424607707
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Still no response from Constant Contact about these issues. So very disappointed that our feedback isn't getting the attention it deserves. These are the reasons people find new solutions to their email marketing needs, Constant Contact. Please take a look at these issues and help us.

I pretty much hate this program right now, and I frequently feel this frustration. If I could find a better option, I'd certainly switch to a different company. It seems every time I write a new email, things start to go wrong, whether it's with the font or spacing or images not saving/loading after edits. Today I must have clicked save 10 times to make sure I had saved my work - and EACH TIME the little bubble popped up noting the time last saved. Well a photo edit refused to save (specifically a frame option), so I decided to reload the whole page and my "saved draft" saved NOTHING!!!!!!!! So after an hour and a half, I'm starting all over again. This seems to happen every single time I do a mass email, somehow I lose my work due to a bug. I dread mass emails and avoid them like the plague. Please please please please please improve your product. I've suffered for years.
Personally I hate your "New design". Having to re-learn the website to just get out an email with templates I'm accustom to using is a pain. Thinking of changing all together. I really don't like it at all. Paul
Why are your Upgrades always more like Downgrades? You're making it harder and harder for me to continue using your services. I've been with Constant Contact for over 10 years and have gone through very disturbing changes - from losing the way I had my contacts listed to now the campaigns. After your recent "upgrades" it now takes forever to go back to find an older campaign that I can duplicate. Slower than molasses. That's an upgrade? I can't change the name of a campaign any longer. That's an upgrade? You've changed where the Client button from the top right of page to the left so that I can't easily go upward to click on it. You've made it so the picture can't be seen of the Template any longer in the lists. That's an Upgrade? REALLY dislike the new changes. Why do you make it so difficult on your loyal customers?
problems when you insert text in blocks- like being able to highlight more than one line at a time or highlight more than one word for bold; font colors bad, text difficult to read, long boxes too big, not enough emails on one page, whole site locks up!!! names of emails should be emails not 'campaigns' (????), needs a 'to top' button for search to top immediately, needs SEARCH field to be able to find past email if i know date of 3months ago or a specific name or title, what happened to being able to see 25 emails on ONE PAGE-- and see all 25 of them? at the same time, i don't need open rate or click rate so large (make that a clickable link to another field or page) AND YES I HAVE MORE!!!!!!!!
I hope your new layout pleases most of your customers. As for myself, I am so very disappointed. You seem to be trying to look/perform like MailChimp. I use CC because it was easy - I really dislike MailChimp because it is not easy. Now I have already spent way too much time just looking for a template (which I still haven't been able to find). I'm sorely disappointed in this. May as well move over to MailChimp - at least it's free . . .

Yes! it is terrible. The most common thing to do it to look back and see what you did this time last year. So a year back. It takes so long to "see more" to get to the dates you want to get to. You guys need to let us determine how many campaigns we want to see on a page and also let us search by a time periods. Please!!! The old page was better than this!

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Do not like the new look AT ALL!! Makes EVERYTHING much more difficult to find, and difficult to navigate. Making my job much more time consuming!!

The new website design is driving me crazy.  If I am in Campaigns for ex, I have no way of getting back to the home page or navigate anywhere else!  There is no menu bar across the top.  There should be a Menu bar on every page of the site!  Also, the fonts are now way too big.  The campaigns take up more than half the screen.  I liked it the way it was before much better.  Awful update!

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I admit that I loved it at first, but it seems that this only works for the most basic users.


In the first 5 minutes, I'm trying to change the background image, but there is no stylesheet.  And I dont' see an option to go back to the oldschool layout.

Consulting & Training

I am writing to complain about the poor rollout and sketchy communication surrounding the unfortunately named "New Experience" and - principally - the proposed deletion of emails older than two and a half years.


Whose idea was this??


Amazingly, the deletion info was not even spelled out in one of your emails about the "New Experience." Instead, it was mentioned casually in a cheery little video that you had to click on, watch, and pay attention to.


Startled, I wrote to Customer Support inquiring about this planned deletion - "What if I don't want that to happen? How do I save my emails?"


The response offered instructions on "mak[ing] new copies of the campaigns, and those new ones will be brought over [to the new interface]." So this has to be done email by email by email. For me, that's seven years of emails that I want and need to save because they're part of my business records.


One of the reasons for my staying with Constant Contact these ten years is that my business emails WERE archived in one place.


Did anyone at Constant Contact consider alternatives? Such as moving all emails over and then asking customers to cull?


What is the plan for future deletions by Constant Contact? Is that happening on a monthly basis? Weekly? Will customers be notified before deletions occur, or will a deletion schedule be emailed to customers?


This idea is a colossal #FAIL. I'm hoping that Constant Contact will speak up about this and explain the whys and wherefores, rather than planning this stealth campaign that I find anti-business and anti-customer.



I think in simplifying Constant Contact you've dumbed it down to where it's absolutely impossible to use.  I hate it.  Will probably be looking for another app, after using this one for so many years.  What the heck did you do?

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The new changes, the ones recently made to the format, and the ones coming up give me the creeps.  This isn't the user friendly series of changes

we have needed for greater flexibility in creating content, laying it out, and entering addresses, and so on. This new stuff you are offering does little for my happiness with constant contact.  I'm not at all impressed nor pleased.

A long time customer.

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Terri, the tactic of saving past campaigns as drafts won't also save the results associated with each email.  You can probably see that yourself, but I don't know why Constant Contact doesn't point that out, because some customers will make their copies and then only when it's too late notice that they've lost all the counts on Sents, Opens, Clicks.  No one wants hundreds of drafts cluttering up the system, so I just went back through all the emails one by one to save the performance numbers of each, so I can continue to do some sort of historical analysis that goes back further than 2013 and/or 50 emails.  Of course now that that data will be in two different places, it'll be a little less convenient to work with.  But I don't think convenience has been very important around here for a few years.


It's unfortunate, but here in the forums most questions about the whys and wherefores are treated as rhetorical.  I've been asking for months about who (if anyone) provides the functional input and testing on their new designs during planning, programming, and before rollout, and I haven't heard a thing.  That's the area that needs the most improvement, along with better (read "any") transparency and user feedback concerning changes being planned or already in development.  A beta team of miscreants and cavemen could have prevented the Load More Campaigns design, for example.  And, still being on the older generation editor, I haven't even seen it for myself yet!  Just been reading the forums so that I can anticipate what's coming.


There is a question you brought up that I hadn't considered: are there going to be rolling deletions now?  Or is this pre-2013 purge all we have to be concerned about?  I've done what I had to do to save performance data on everything that's going to be deleted from our account.  But I'd certainly like to know about future deletions now, before our account is "upgraded."




HI @TerriH315 and @mchristo

Thank you so much for leaving your honest feedback.  I know you are frustrated with the changes we've made, and wanted to do my best to clear some of this up for you.
First off, I'm really sorry the communications we sent regarding the new experience wasn't clearly written or didn't reach you properly.  I will make sure to pass this feedback along.  The body of the email we sent and the overlay we put in your account should have mentioned removal of older campaigns.  If you have a copy of what you received or saw, we'd love to review so we can make sure it's correct.
In the new experience you are on a new platform where some older information in your account is not compatible.  As a result we were not able to bring over the campaigns you sent over 3 years ago.
It appears you already spoke with our Support team, but we do have a number of options on recovering old emails along with their reporting.  If you'd like me to get someone in touch with you please let me know, and we'll be willing to help however we can.
There are no plans for future deletions of older campaigns.  It was something that was necessary for the upgrade, but not something we are planning to do in the future.  If we ever do have to remove any older data, we will make sure to communicate it with you properly.
@mchristo - We have UX Research and development teams who conduct user studies with our existing customers to get input on future roll-outs.  If you have any interest in being a part of these studies, please let me know and we are happy to get you involved! 
As far as the 'Load More Campaigns' issue I think this may have been something that was missed as many of the test users did not have a lot of older campaigns they needed to find.  We appreciate that feedback, and assure you our product team is aware of the issue and plan to work on it.
As we continue to make changes for the future, hearing directly from you and other customers is invaluable.  Please continue to let us know when you have any and all feedback.
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I'm interested in the details of the incompatibility between pre-March 2013 campaigns and those after.  What technical information can you share about that?  A detailed explanation could go a long way to making it understandable and possibly acceptable to many clients.


Unfortunately (or perhaps rather fortunately) I'm not a good prospect for participating in user studies right now: someone else in my organization does all the campaign design--I haven't created one of my own in three or four years--I'm just the guy who works with the Contacts data.  But maybe the next time you overhaul that area of the system, I could certainly provide feedback.  How are users notified of the opportunities to participate?



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